Self-directed investors, advisors and fund managers can obtain the daily reversal levels by monthly subscription. This is what you get:
  • Clear Buy and Sell signals for over 2700 stocks, etf, global indexes, forex and commodities.
  • No hype, no exaggeration, no cherry picking. You can verify the reported P/L% for all stocks we cover.
  • Daily delivery in the form of a html file which is sent to your mailbox several hours before US markets open.
  • Access to our members-only webpages, giving optimal strategies for shorter term trading and longer term investing.

Please try before you buy. We post daily signals for common indexes and a demo portfolio on the blog every day. This is fully transparent and allows you to get accustomed with our approach.

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($22 / mo - $110 / 6mo - $199 / year)

Free samples. This what subscribers get:

* December 20, 2017
* November 16, 2017
* October 17, 2017
* September 15, 2017
* August 23, 2017
* July 18, 2017
* June 16, 2017
* May 17, 2017
* April 20, 2017
* March 17, 2017
* February 20, 2017
* January 19, 2017
* December 16, 2016
* November 17, 2016
* September 21, 2016
* August 3, 2016
* June 10, 2016
* March 14,2016

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  1. Hi, I trade forex. May I know do your subscription includes a "stop loss"?

    1. Hi,

      The reversal level itself functions as our stop loss. But we do not keep a stop-loss order in the market (brokers like to run the stops). When a stock or currency is in bullish mode and closes below its reversal level, then it triggers a sell signal for the next day. We then get out with a market or limit order.

  2. I have been following the Earl Indicators for the last several years. Do you provide them in your paid service on a more timely basis?

    1. The Earl is not included in our daily subscribers file. But it contains the MoM indicator, which uses Earl as its main component. You can pick up a free sample of our daily reversal levels to see what is included.

  3. Hi Danny. Long time follower and admirer here. I am interested in this service. Couple of questions for you:

    1. I am a paying member of your lunatic trader software. How do you see this service work in conjunction with lunatic cycles?
    2. Did you back test your daily or short term reversal signals. Any idea on winning percentages or at least since the time you been tracking them?
    3. I understand options trading carries its own risks and is a time decaying component. Wanted to hear your thoughts on using options trading leveraging your short term reversal signals.

    1. Hi,

      1 + 2) Lunar cycles and reversal levels are separate systems. I have some old articles on those questions:


      3) There are many ways to trade options. So there is no short answer to this question. Basically you would go along with the Buy/Sell signals for the stock and Buy/Sell call options or Sell/Buy put options on that basis.