Self-directed investors, advisors and fund managers can obtain the daily reversal levels by monthly subscription. This is what you get:
  • Clear Buy and Sell signals for over 2700 stocks, etf, global indexes, forex and commodities.
  • No hype, no exaggeration, no cherry picking. You can verify the reported P/L% for all stocks we cover.
  • Daily delivery in the form of a html file which is sent to your mailbox several hours before US markets open.
  • Access to our members-only webpages, giving optimal strategies for shorter term trading and longer term investing.

Please try before you buy. We post daily signals for common indexes and a demo portfolio on the blog every day. This is fully transparent and allows you to get accustomed with our approach.

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  1. Hi, I trade forex. May I know do your subscription includes a "stop loss"?

    1. Hi,

      The reversal level itself functions as our stop loss. But we do not keep a stop-loss order in the market (brokers like to run the stops). When a stock or currency is in bullish mode and closes below its reversal level, then it triggers a sell signal for the next day. We then get out with a market or limit order.