Saturday, August 29, 2015

WRL August 29

Weekly reversal levels for August 29, 2015.

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Major indexes   [Dow] [Nasdaq100] [ETF] [S&P500] [S&P400] [S&P600] [Info] [FAQ]

Weekly reversal levels as of the close on August 28, 2015
Name     Close    Trend    RevL (W)MoM (W)    Weeks    P/L %    Action    
Nasdaq^IXIC4828.325075.57-1.93 ▼1-10.96%
S&P 500^SPX1988.872098.19-2.68 ▼1-1.21%
Nikkei^N22519136.3220091.93-0.04 ▼1-0.32%
FTSE 100^FTSE6247.906797.96-4.81 ▼128.18%
DAX^DAX10298.5311451.80-3.07 ▼26.76%
20+ Year Tr. Bond ETFTLT122.36120.292.09 ▲3-0.85%
Gold (spot)$XAUUSD1133.401171.96-3.68 ▲275.66%
$EURUSD$EURUSD1.11781.1469-0.41 ▲6718.34%
Oil (CL)#CL45.2255.71-6.80 ▼5954.99%
Wheat (ZW)#ZW483.75537.13-1.00 ▼42.72%

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Weekly reversal levels as of the close on August 28, 2015
Name     Close    Trend    RevL (W)MoM (W)    Weeks    P/L %    Action    
Apple Inc.AAPL113.29124.29-4.91 ▼46.76%
American Electric Power Co.AEP54.9057.171.53 ▼00.00%Sell
AES CorporationAES12.1013.28-3.19 ▼54.95%
Alaska Air GroupALK75.8166.196.97 ▼4451.50%pP
American ExpressAXP76.6580.71-1.23 ▼3211.35%
Boeing Co.BA133.24146.29-2.37 ▼135.80%
Caterpillar Inc.CAT75.9583.82-5.39 ▼78.35%
CH Robinson WorldwideCHRW67.2465.012.33 ▲4-4.14%
CenterPoint EnergyCNP18.8220.18-2.20 ▲3819.12%
Con-way Inc.CNW35.2239.98-3.83 ▼3321.89%
Cisco Systems, Inc.CSCO26.0028.41-1.94 ▼1-4.46%
CSX Corp.CSX27.8032.28-6.62 ▼916.62%
Chevron CorporationCVX80.4396.03-8.34 ▼5034.24%
Dominion ResourcesD71.0369.823.18 ▲4-1.24%
Delta Air Lines Inc.DAL43.9442.081.04 ▼3-5.97%
DuPont Co.DD51.8462.37-8.54 ▼1522.35%
Walt Disney Co.DIS102.48110.77-2.21 ▼24.49%
Duke EnergyDUK72.3976.56-0.01 ▲00.00%Sell
Consolidated EdisonED63.6061.305.19 ▲4-0.17%
Edison InternationalEIX59.6458.980.99 ▲1-4.97%
Exelon CorporationEXC31.4033.84-1.56 ▲299.42%
Expeditors Intl. of WashingtonEXPD49.6645.741.44 ▲32.41%
FedEx CorporationFDX152.50171.53-4.50 ▼710.13%
FirstEnergy Corp.FE32.4935.23-1.31 ▼279.65%
General ElectricGE25.1626.78-4.26 ▼51.49%
GATX Corp.GMT49.3454.33-4.87 ▼2414.00%
Goldman Sachs GroupGS187.75205.65-3.00 ▼1-5.21%
Home Depot, Inc.HD117.52108.602.91 ▼6546.44%pP
Intl Business MachinesIBM147.98164.54-5.17 ▼56.93%
Intel CorporationINTC28.4231.10-5.12 ▲1210.66%
JB Hunt Transport ServicesJBHT73.5184.83-4.58 ▼1312.65%
JetBlue AirwaysJBLU22.3019.204.49 ▼4393.91%
Johnson & JohnsonJNJ95.17100.48-2.21 ▼315.86%
JPMorgan Chase & Co.JPM64.1367.38-0.39 ▼1-8.16%
Kirby CorporationKEX70.4880.36-4.69 ▼4631.86%
Coca Cola Co.KO39.4541.26-0.26 ▼1-3.84%
Kansas City SouthernKSU94.58102.43-1.12 ▼3213.78%
Landstar System Inc.LSTR66.0669.471.72 ▼00.00%Sell
Southwest Airlines Co.LUV37.1039.44-0.37 ▲140.24%
Matson, Inc.MATX37.8041.42-1.97 ▼1-2.97%
McDonald's Corp.MCD96.2595.010.75 ▼26-2.68%
3M Co.MMM144.21157.37-5.81 ▼127.85%
Merck & Co. Inc.MRK55.3759.11-1.78 ▼113.87%
MicrosoftMSFT43.9346.47-0.48 ▼1-8.60%
NextEra Energy, Inc.NEE101.82105.882.87 ▼00.00%Sell
NiSource Inc.NI17.0617.83-1.42 ▼8-0.65%
Nike Inc.NKE112.50103.444.92 ▼6647.08%
Norfolk SouthernNSC79.2092.29-7.58 ▼2223.85%
PG&E Corp.PCG50.4253.170.84 ▼00.00%Sell
Public Service Enterprise GrouPEG40.5240.370.86 ▼3-4.41%
Pfizer Inc.PFE32.6634.690.28 ▼00.00%Sell
Procter & Gamble Co.PG71.2180.90-6.25 ▼3015.81%
Ryder System, Inc.R82.0492.64-3.47 ▼98.12%
Southern CompanySO43.7445.362.65 ▲00.00%Sell
The Travelers CompaniesTRV100.43104.751.97 ▼00.00%Sell
United Continental HoldingsUAL57.1260.74-0.43 ▲205.70%
Unitedhealth GroupUNH117.28111.720.44 ▼126108.39%
Union PacificUNP86.89102.20-5.85 ▼2220.28%
United Parcel ServiceUPS98.6497.920.45 ▼4-3.76%
United TechnologiesUTX93.24109.14-8.76 ▼1019.20%
Visa, Inc.V72.4668.103.77 ▼4320.73%
Verizon CommunicationsVZ46.0748.17-3.31 ▼122.46%
Williams CompaniesWMB48.9253.58-0.99 ▼30.02%
Wal-Mart Stores Inc.WMT64.9476.79-6.07 ▼2421.24%
Exxon MobilXOM75.0782.91-6.13 ▼5623.97%

Nasdaq 100 stocks   [Top] [Dow] [ETF] [S&P500] [S&P400] [S&P600] [Info] [FAQ]

Weekly reversal levels as of the close on August 28, 2015
Name     Close    Trend    RevL (W)MoM (W)    Weeks    P/L %    Action    
American Airlines GroupAAL38.6244.58-2.21 ▲1410.29%
Apple Inc.AAPL113.29124.29-4.91 ▼46.76%
Adobe Systems Inc.ADBE79.4078.041.59 ▼4313.54%
Analog Devices Inc.ADI56.4563.03-5.46 ▼53.04%
Automatic Data ProcessingADP78.4183.69-3.78 ▼82.12%
Autodesk, Inc.ADSK47.5255.31-2.88 ▼1717.57%
Akamai TechnologiesAKAM71.9074.08-0.97 ▼1-10.48%
Altera Corp.ALTR48.6145.831.35 ▼2734.73%
Alexion PharmaceuticalsALXN178.86189.121.57 ▼1-9.29%
Applied MaterialsAMAT15.9919.64-7.08 ▼2230.42%
Amgen Inc.AMGN155.89165.681.14 ▼1-7.79% Inc.AMZN518.01448.638.52 ▼3047.98%
Activision BlizzardATVI29.2224.876.21 ▲2932.76%
Avago TechnologiesAVGO127.62129.74-3.01 ▼2-5.19%
Bed Bath & BeyondBBBY62.3270.26-6.67 ▼1210.67%
Baidu, Inc.BIDU152.13194.36-5.52 ▼2927.90%
Biogen Inc.BIIB303.69375.38-7.17 ▼50.56%
BioMarin Pharmaceuticals Inc.BMRN133.18121.142.15 ▼5496.11%
Broadcom Corp.BRCM51.7948.67-0.27 ▼00.00%wBuy
CA TechnologiesCA27.2630.47-4.16 ▼139.01%
Celgene CorporationCELG124.04114.893.13 ▼6453.15%
Cerner CorporationCERN63.1369.47-3.40 ▼31.02%
Check Point Software Techn.CHKP78.8683.36-2.42 ▼90.17%
CH Robinson WorldwideCHRW67.2465.012.33 ▲4-4.14%
Charter CommunicationsCHTR181.59172.930.96 ▼6-2.23%
Comcast CorporationCMCSA56.7860.99-0.93 ▼34.81%
Comcast CorporationCMCSK57.6260.94-0.27 ▼33.00%
Costco WholesaleCOST139.95144.76-0.10 ▼1-5.91%
Cisco Systems, Inc.CSCO26.0028.41-1.94 ▼1-4.46%
CatamaranCTRX61.4757.375.58 ▼153.82%
Cognizant Technology SolutionsCTSH63.7260.481.80 ▼4330.09%pP
Citrix Systems, Inc.CTXS68.6967.894.88 ▼182.52%
Discovery CommunicationsDISCA27.1132.38-4.27 ▼514.24%
Discovery CommunicationsDISCK25.7130.31-4.13 ▼5033.60%
Dish Network Corp.DISH59.6269.09-4.03 ▼812.44%
Dollar Tree, Inc.DLTR76.7375.27-1.05 ▼6434.95%
Electronic Arts Inc.EA67.9162.335.42 ▼82157.63%
eBay Inc.EBAY27.2527.383.53 ▼1-14.16%
Express Scripts Inc.ESRX84.4689.03-0.69 ▼1-6.45%
Expeditors Intl. of WashingtonEXPD49.6645.741.44 ▲32.41%
Fastenal CompanyFAST38.6942.33-3.16 ▼3012.92%
Facebook, Inc.FB91.0184.174.53 ▼109167.13%
Fiserv, Inc.FISV86.7880.455.20 ▼194198.73%
Twenty-First Century FoxFOX28.0832.18-4.71 ▼37.97%
Twenty-First Century FoxFOXA27.9233.01-4.79 ▼39.56%
Gilead Sciences Inc.GILD107.78115.13-0.36 ▼1-10.76%
Keurig Green MountainGMCR54.1190.52-8.60 ▼3458.68%
Google Inc.GOOG630.38566.228.10 ▼6-4.38%
Google Inc.GOOGL659.69588.278.45 ▼1815.24%
Garmin Ltd.GRMN37.9945.45-5.93 ▼2723.10%
Henry Schein, Inc.HSIC139.40144.170.28 ▼1-6.35%
Illumina Inc.ILMN201.70214.99-0.24 ▼1-9.85%
Intel CorporationINTC28.4231.10-5.12 ▲1210.66%
Intuit Inc.INTU86.21103.49-2.59 ▼1-4.74%
Intuitive SurgicalISRG514.24496.262.48 ▼5-4.64%
KLA-TencorKLAC49.8956.59-5.15 ▼3122.50%
Kraft Foods GroupKRFT88.1976.036.67 ▼3251.67%
Liberty Global plcLBTYA49.3253.38-2.80 ▼82.20%
Liberty Global plcLBTYK45.7949.97-3.64 ▼83.05%
Linear TechnologyLLTC40.8144.09-5.88 ▼99.35%
Liberty Capital GroupLMCA37.3838.31-1.07 ▼1-9.88%
Liberty Media CLMCK36.4037.78-1.37 ▼90.25%
Lam ResearchLRCX72.9278.76-3.70 ▼66.43%
Liberty VenturesLVNTA40.2441.91-1.05 ▼8-3.45%
Marriott InternationalMAR71.5876.49-4.45 ▼94.86%
Mattel Inc.MAT23.2026.01-5.00 ▼1310.22%
Mondelez InternationalMDLZ42.8040.217.14 ▼2014.50%pP
Monster BeverageMNST140.43129.724.26 ▼55102.79%
MicrosoftMSFT43.9346.47-0.48 ▼1-8.60%
Micron TechnologyMU15.9622.66-7.07 ▲3245.92%
Mylan, Inc.MYL50.3765.93-7.60 ▼49.88%
Netflix, Inc.NFLX117.6390.989.03 ▼3187.99%pP
NetApp, Inc.NTAP31.6234.58-5.00 ▲3218.69%
NVIDIA CorporationNVDA22.7320.491.35 ▲3-0.39%
NXP Semiconductors NVNXPI86.7397.98-3.73 ▼77.64%
O'Reilly AutomotiveORLY240.99219.656.43 ▼145167.47%
Paychex, Inc.PAYX44.9548.34-2.86 ▼85.27%
PACCAR Inc.PCAR59.4564.56-2.69 ▼36.66% IncPCLN1259.391175.403.08 ▼63.19%
QUALCOMM IncQCOM57.4564.58-4.52 ▼4215.66%
Liberty InteractiveQVCA27.3629.370.32 ▼1-6.13%
Regeneron PharmaceuticalsREGN536.70486.504.43 ▼6071.97%
Ross Stores Inc.ROST49.4049.072.29 ▼5332.89%
SBA CommunicationsSBAC119.23115.822.22 ▼10-1.19%
StarbucksSBUX55.6349.535.32 ▼4243.82%
Sigma-Aldrich CorpSIAL139.55137.491.88 ▼14393.58%
SIRIUS XM Radio Inc.SIRI3.833.91-0.13 ▼1-13.31%
SanDisk Corp.SNDK52.2764.00-4.18 ▼3233.04%
Staples, Inc.SPLS13.7515.61-5.76 ▼810.54%
Stericycle, Inc.SRCL142.00135.393.51 ▲40.55%
Seagate TechnologySTX50.6853.72-2.61 ▲309.50%
Symantec CorporationSYMC20.8423.53-4.40 ▼1212.69%
TripAdvisor Inc.TRIP70.6082.19-3.68 ▼411.07%
Tractor Supply CoTSCO85.3991.300.17 ▼1-8.64%
Tesla Motors, Inc.TSLA248.48256.94-0.32 ▼1-22.53%
Texas InstrumentsTXN47.9953.50-5.07 ▼1813.08%
Viacom, Inc.VIAB40.9159.15-8.89 ▼5650.26%
VimpelCom Ltd.VIP4.645.65-1.32 ▼1-8.16%
Vodafone Group plcVOD34.8537.14-0.36 ▼1-4.28%
Verisk AnalyticsVRSK73.9471.492.38 ▼4215.23%
Vertex Pharmaceuticals IncVRTX134.05121.401.58 ▼6142.96%
Walgreens Boots AllianceWBA87.4284.392.71 ▼4232.08%
Western DigitalWDC81.2889.46-4.34 ▲2416.94%
Whole Foods MarketWFM32.8543.39-8.49 ▼1932.75%
Wynn Resorts Ltd.WYNN78.20112.46-4.27 ▼5258.65%
Xilinx Inc.XLNX42.2744.57-3.13 ▲70.05%
Yahoo! Inc.YHOO33.1440.63-6.22 ▼2922.23%

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Weekly reversal levels as of the close on August 28, 2015
Name     Close    Trend    RevL (W)MoM (W)    Weeks    P/L %    Action    
All Country World Index ETFACWI56.3060.56-5.37 ▼84.38%
Africa ETFAFK20.0724.34-8.77 ▼5035.69%
Ultra Silver ETFAGQ30.9037.94-3.76 ▲1219.24%
CSI300 China A shares ETFASHR32.7044.15-6.29 ▼416.52%
CSI500 China Small Cap ETFASHS39.5353.65-4.91 ▼816.60%
Ultra Nasdaq Biotech ETFBIB81.1789.48-0.71 ▼1-32.70%
Ultrashort Nasdaq Biotech ETFBIS29.8535.10-1.19 ▲20696.41%
Gaming ETFBJK33.0137.10-2.36 ▼1-5.13%
Brazil Small-Cap ETFBRF12.6117.05-8.21 ▼4953.26%
Central Europe & Russia FundCEE18.5821.08-6.97 ▼1213.30%
Corn ETFCORN22.8424.78-2.08 ▼53.67%
Healthcare Bull 3X ETFCURE34.1540.09-1.25 ▼1-18.13%
DB Agriculture ETFDBA20.8822.94-5.82 ▼5920.15%
DB Commodity Tracking ETFDBC15.3217.36-8.54 ▼5940.48%
Gold Miners Bear 3x ETFDUST25.0820.076.64 ▼832.35%
Japan Hedged Equity ETFDXJ53.3257.43-3.77 ▼1-13.79%
Emerging Markets Bull 3X ETFEDC13.5021.42-7.23 ▼1346.39%
Emerging Markets Bear 3X ETFEDZ47.9635.079.82 ▲1249.36%
iShares MSCI Emerging Markets EEM33.7838.78-8.48 ▼1215.91%
JPM USD Emerging Markets BondsEMB107.95110.34-5.31 ▼121.86%
Ultrashort Europe ETFEPV57.5351.041.92 ▲1-5.13%
Ultrashort Euro ETFEUO24.4024.94-0.20 ▼1-9.03%
MSCI Australia ETFEWA19.1521.95-7.21 ▼1416.63%
MSCI Sweden ETFEWD30.4933.01-5.13 ▼96.24%
MSCI Germany ETFEWG26.3629.26-4.40 ▼139.42%
MSCI Hong Kong ETFEWH19.4822.63-7.55 ▼712.80%
MSCI Italy ETFEWI14.8615.55-0.83 ▼1-4.87%
MSCI Japan ETFEWJ12.3112.88-2.76 ▼1-8.75%
MSCI Switzerland ETFEWL31.8734.39-4.17 ▼94.78%
MSCI Spain ETFEWP32.2535.07-2.98 ▼80.00%
MSCI France ETFEWQ25.0626.94-2.09 ▼1-1.71%
MSCI Singapore ETFEWS10.7912.38-9.07 ▼1315.84%
MSCI Taiwan ETFEWT13.3115.23-8.46 ▼1214.52%
MSCI United Kingdom ETFEWU17.1518.69-4.13 ▼85.67%
Ultrashort Japan ETFEWV50.4148.281.34 ▲1-17.08%
MSCI Mexico ETFEWW52.4358.19-5.17 ▼4620.48%
MSCI Brazil ETFEWZ25.3931.68-6.76 ▼4841.73%
MSCI South Africa ETFEZA57.1663.75-4.89 ▼1311.65%
Ultra Japan ETFEZJ90.80100.18-3.07 ▼1-21.57%
MSCI EMU ETFEZU36.1239.24-3.10 ▼81.10%
Financial Bull 3X ETFFAS28.4333.72-0.52 ▼1-13.72%
Currencyshares EuroFXE109.74112.64-0.70 ▲6718.99%
FTSE China 25 Index ETFFXI36.3644.60-8.34 ▼715.78%
Currencyshares Japanese YenFXY79.9180.35-1.36 ▲14935.01%
Gold Miners ETFGDX14.2517.34-6.39 ▲2523.88%
Junior Gold Miners ETFGDXJ20.4823.88-4.35 ▲5045.82%
SPDR Gold SharesGLD108.70111.94-4.46 ▲135.50%
Ultrashort Gold ETFGLL104.04106.054.36 ▼1-4.76%
FTSE Greece 20 ETFGREK9.5011.28-3.48 ▼5956.64%
US$ High Yield ETFHYG86.3688.90-7.95 ▼123.62%
Biotech ETFIBB353.28365.21-0.36 ▼1-13.13%
Indonesia ETFIDX18.2021.86-8.50 ▼1720.49%
7-10 Year Treasury Bond ETFIEF106.54105.431.41 ▲40.23%
Latin America 40 ETFILF24.7029.30-7.48 ▼4735.45%
India Bull 3X ETFINDL14.6120.97-2.66 ▼221.49%
S&P India Nifty 50 ETFINDY27.6330.58-2.03 ▼1-7.64%
Israel ETFISRA31.3832.880.16 ▼1-6.37%
US Home Construction ETFITB27.6026.571.81 ▼10-0.18%
Russell 1000 Value ETFIWD97.23103.48-4.25 ▼84.72%
Russell 1000 Growth ETFIWF96.91101.21-1.72 ▼1-10.09%
Russell 2000 ETFIWM115.62123.61-4.01 ▼54.55%
US Real Estate ETFIYR71.9176.12-1.18 ▼175.67%
Korea ETFKEF7.217.78-4.69 ▼126.00%
Coal ETFKOL9.2511.46-9.58 ▲5048.46%
S&P Regional Banking ETFKRE40.7043.55-1.12 ▼1-3.99%
Gulf States ETFMES25.6427.49-3.41 ▼135.04%
Agribusiness ETFMOO50.0854.60-5.89 ▼78.33%
Gold Miners Bull 3X ETFNUGT3.428.58-3.76 ▲5190.74%
Oil Services ETFOIH30.7435.48-6.30 ▼5040.66%
UltraShort QQQ ETFQID35.0733.220.21 ▲1-20.30%
Ultra QQQ ETFQLD70.3277.65-1.11 ▼1-25.91%
PowerShares QQQQQQ105.62110.49-1.27 ▼1-12.09%
Rare Earth Strat. Metals ETFREMX17.4523.22-9.37 ▲1132.10%
Global Robotics & Automation EROBO23.4225.98-8.66 ▼810.20%
Russia ETFRSX16.4818.14-4.64 ▼128.50%
Russia Small-Cap ETFRSXJ19.8522.71-5.34 ▼912.40%
India Small-Cap ETFSCIF41.0945.980.36 ▼1-0.79%
Japan Small-Cap ETFSCJ56.8258.25-1.03 ▼1-8.06%
Ultrashort Crude Oil ETFSCO91.2273.279.81 ▲726.08%
Ultrashort Utilities ETFSDP52.4153.66-2.00 ▼4-4.61%
UltraShort S&P500 ETFSDS22.0120.321.95 ▲1-11.96%
Short S&P500 ETFSH21.8620.942.06 ▲1-6.14%
Silver ETFSLV13.9215.26-3.81 ▲129.32%
Semiconductor ETFSMH49.7654.03-6.26 ▼88.81%
Social Media ETFSOCL17.8019.86-6.16 ▼77.72%
Semiconductor Bull 3X ETFSOXL22.2830.10-5.21 ▼829.05%
S&P500 Bull 3X ETFSPXL77.6692.50-2.57 ▼1-19.17%
S&P500 Bear 3X ETFSPXS19.9817.951.70 ▲1-18.45%
SPDR S&P 500SPY199.28209.89-2.62 ▼1-6.29%
Ultra S&P 500 ETFSSO59.7966.82-2.62 ▼1-12.96%
Solar ETFTAN30.1039.95-8.16 ▼819.71%
Ultrashort 20+ Year Treasury ETBT44.9047.74-3.30 ▼51.54%
Technology Bull 3X ETFTECL31.3837.15-2.41 ▼1-31.79%
MSCI Thailand ETFTHD64.3572.83-8.34 ▼1717.63%
20+ Year Tr. Bond ETFTLT122.36120.292.09 ▲3-0.85%
Daily 20+ Yr Treasury Bull 3X TMF77.3174.131.88 ▲3-3.25%
Small Cap Bull 3X ETFTNA70.3587.48-3.85 ▼514.41%
Turkey ETFTUR37.7845.63-5.78 ▼1318.05%
Daily 2x VIX ETNTVIX13.809.97-1.76 ▲00.00%Buy
Small Cap Bear 3X ETFTZA11.5510.082.96 ▲1-14.57%
Ultra 20+ Year Treasury ETFUBT75.8573.442.04 ▲3-2.41%
Ultra Crude Oil ETFUCO24.0547.35-6.39 ▼5685.85%
DB US Dollar Index Bearish ETFUDN21.9922.65-1.65 ▲6618.40%
3X Long Natural Gas ETNUGAZ1.753.26-1.49 ▼4188.10%
Ultra Gold ETFUGL34.5136.84-4.52 ▲2712.01%
US Natural Gas ETFUNG12.8614.32-1.10 ▼3831.63%
Ultra Europe ETFUPV42.5949.71-3.12 ▼84.66%
Ultra Utilities ETFUPW87.2495.390.96 ▲00.00%Sell
Uranium ETFURA7.739.33-7.64 ▲1126.87%
Ultra Real Estate ETFURE93.43104.46-0.85 ▼00.00%Sell
United States Oil ETFUSO14.8818.70-7.83 ▼5658.90%
DB US Dollar Index Bullish ETFUUP25.1024.680.65 ▼5716.10%
FTSE Europe ETFVGK51.7255.91-3.57 ▼82.51%
Vietnam ETFVNM16.4918.36-3.53 ▼38.90%
Vanguard REIT ETFVNQ75.7680.27-0.99 ▼175.58%
FTSE Pacific ETFVPL57.0361.84-6.04 ▼75.81%
FTSE Emerging Markets ETFVWO34.6139.87-8.36 ▼1216.62%
S&P 500 VIX ST Futures ETNVXX25.8419.47-1.13 ▲00.00%Buy
Wheat ETFWEAT9.6210.94-2.57 ▼55.59%
Inverse VIX ETNXIV26.6343.84-1.06 ▼1-7.03%
Materials Select Sector ETFXLB43.6047.57-7.39 ▼911.04%
Energy Select Sector ETFXLE65.7574.28-7.08 ▼1316.34%
Financial Select Sector ETfXLF23.6325.02-1.33 ▼1-6.49%
Industrial Select Sector ETFXLI51.7554.91-4.12 ▼95.12%
Technology Select Sector ETFXLK40.6042.55-2.73 ▼1-9.70%
Consumer Staples Select SectorXLP47.6449.440.55 ▼1-4.93%
Utilities Select Sector ETFXLU43.1544.791.33 ▲00.00%Sell
Health Care Select Sector ETFXLV71.8074.93-1.00 ▼1-6.54%
Consumer Discrectionary SelectXLY75.5677.890.06 ▼1-7.85%
S&P Oil & Gas Explor & Prodtn XOP37.1745.81-6.65 ▼5049.14%
Ultrashort YenYCS90.1393.460.71 ▼00.00%Sell
China Bull 3X ETFYINN19.7541.18-7.07 ▼953.58%

S&P 500 stocks   [Top] [Dow] [Nasdaq100] [ETF] [S&P400] [S&P600] [Info] [FAQ]

Weekly reversal levels as of the close on August 28, 2015
Name     Close    Trend    RevL (W)MoM (W)    Weeks    P/L %    Action    
Agilent TechnologiesA36.5140.79-3.56 ▼129.31%
Alcoa, Inc.AA9.4111.34-7.97 ▼2636.38%
American Airlines GroupAAL38.6244.58-2.21 ▲1410.29%
Advance Auto PartsAAP176.48156.576.87 ▼1410.25%pP
Apple Inc.AAPL113.29124.29-4.91 ▼46.76%
AbbVie Inc.ABBV63.9867.710.49 ▼00.00%Sell
AmerisourceBergenABC100.87107.93-4.09 ▼33.97%
Abbott LaboratoriesABT46.0249.580.01 ▼1-3.39%
ACE LimitedACE102.71108.96-0.01 ▼1-2.94%
Accenture plcACN95.8594.173.55 ▼299.53%
Adobe Systems Inc.ADBE79.4078.041.59 ▼4313.54%
Analog Devices Inc.ADI56.4563.03-5.46 ▼53.04%
Archer Daniels MidlandADM44.6549.23-4.71 ▼87.29%
Automatic Data ProcessingADP78.4183.69-3.78 ▼82.12%
Alliance Data SystemsADS262.25290.52-5.32 ▼53.96%
Autodesk, Inc.ADSK47.5255.31-2.88 ▼1717.57%
ADT CorporationADT32.7636.63-5.01 ▲1713.68%
Ameren CorporationAEE41.0739.873.01 ▲4-0.46%
American Electric Power Co.AEP54.9057.171.53 ▼00.00%Sell
AES CorporationAES12.1013.28-3.19 ▼54.95%
Aetna Inc.AET116.86107.680.42 ▼4341.57%
AFLAC Inc.AFL58.6763.27-1.42 ▼1-4.64%
Allergan Inc.AGN308.01293.591.85 ▼179370.24%
American International GroupAIG61.0059.382.21 ▼2710.51%
Apartment Investment & ManagemAIV37.4239.311.27 ▼00.00%Sell
Assurant Inc.AIZ74.7967.388.83 ▼1615.95%pP
Akamai TechnologiesAKAM71.9074.08-0.97 ▼1-10.48%
Allstate CorporationALL58.6368.25-5.60 ▼1612.84%
Allegion plcALLE60.2758.990.89 ▼4313.55%
Altera Corp.ALTR48.6145.831.35 ▼2734.73%
Alexion PharmaceuticalsALXN178.86189.121.57 ▼1-9.29%
Applied MaterialsAMAT15.9919.64-7.08 ▼2230.42%
Advanced Micro DevicesAMD1.852.32-4.51 ▲2232.23%spBuy
Affiliated Managers GroupAMG187.48216.78-5.59 ▼712.93%
Amgen Inc.AMGN155.89165.681.14 ▼1-7.79%
Ameriprise FinancialAMP114.14126.59-3.29 ▼208.34%
American TowerAMT93.4597.701.82 ▼00.00%Sell Inc.AMZN518.01448.638.52 ▼3047.98%
AutoNation Inc.AN60.5263.28-2.38 ▼5-0.70%
Anthem Inc.ANTM140.56154.40-3.48 ▼1-1.20%
Aon CorporationAON93.54101.69-1.36 ▼1-1.86%
Apache Corp.APA44.8657.28-6.93 ▲4748.30%spBuy
Anadarko PetroleumAPC70.9481.27-4.73 ▼1515.99%
Air Products & ChemicalsAPD140.67145.53-1.50 ▲1-8.20%
Amphenol CorporationAPH52.8856.90-2.92 ▼94.94%
Airgas Inc.ARG97.16105.80-2.02 ▼1-2.17%
Activision BlizzardATVI29.2224.876.21 ▲2932.76%
Avalonbay CommunitiesAVB168.71165.962.63 ▼4-2.16%
Avago TechnologiesAVGO127.62129.74-3.01 ▼2-5.19%
Avery DennisonAVY59.5757.352.19 ▼4024.99%
American ExpressAXP76.6580.71-1.23 ▼3211.35%
AutoZone Inc.AZO726.39667.623.99 ▲4435.22%
Boeing Co.BA133.24146.29-2.37 ▼135.80%
Bank of AmericaBAC16.3617.440.86 ▼1-8.92%
Baxter InternationalBAX38.7537.293.39 ▼90.27%
Bed Bath & BeyondBBBY62.3270.26-6.67 ▼1210.67%
BB&T CorporationBBT37.1040.43-1.38 ▼1-5.73%
Best Buy Co. Inc.BBY35.9732.36-3.05 ▲00.00%Buy
CR Bard Inc.BCR197.47178.298.26 ▼4632.28%pP
Becton, Dickinson andBDX142.83139.722.27 ▼4612.76%
Franklin ResourcesBEN41.2448.36-8.21 ▼3323.22%
Brown-Forman Corp.BF.B98.47102.555.76 ▼00.00%Sell
Baker HughesBHI54.7261.49-5.37 ▼1012.57%
Biogen Inc.BIIB303.69375.38-7.17 ▼50.56%
Bank of New York MellonBK40.6743.300.13 ▼1-5.42%
BlackRock, Inc.BLK311.23351.95-6.24 ▼1212.69%
Ball CorporationBLL66.5271.35-2.63 ▼50.58%
Bristol-Myers SquibbBMY60.6165.48-2.89 ▼35.25%
Broadcom Corp.BRCM51.7948.67-0.27 ▼00.00%wBuy
Berkshire HathawayBRK.B135.74143.63-2.02 ▼123.34%
Boston ScientificBSX17.0717.41-1.89 ▼1-10.99%
BorgWarner Inc.BWA44.3155.39-8.45 ▼822.11%
Boston PropertiesBXP116.62129.20-5.02 ▼1712.65%
Citigroup, Inc.C53.2856.870.78 ▼1-8.45%
CA TechnologiesCA27.2630.47-4.16 ▼139.01%
ConAgra Foods, Inc.CAG41.7340.206.66 ▼2213.99%
Cardinal HealthCAH83.3987.11-3.02 ▼80.36%
Cameron InternationalCAM65.0048.30-0.82 ▲00.00%Buy
Caterpillar Inc.CAT75.9583.82-5.39 ▼78.35%
Chubb CorporationCB120.99110.6610.00 ▲80.19%
CBRE Group, IncCBG32.5337.51-2.08 ▼11.51%
CBS CorporationCBS45.7956.81-8.39 ▼1021.42%
Coca-Cola EnterprisesCCE51.8746.108.06 ▲613.85%
Crown Castle InternationalCCI83.7581.350.43 ▲2-2.51%
Carnival CorporationCCL49.5050.763.10 ▼1-6.36%
Celgene CorporationCELG124.04114.893.13 ▼6453.15%
Cerner CorporationCERN63.1369.47-3.40 ▼31.02%
CF Industries HoldingsCF57.4763.50-1.19 ▼00.00%Sell
Chesapeake EnergyCHK7.3911.40-5.76 ▼5872.62%
CH Robinson WorldwideCHRW67.2465.012.33 ▲4-4.14%
Cigna Corp.CI137.87130.311.39 ▼6967.68%
Cincinnati FinancialCINF52.7951.994.08 ▼81.48%
Colgate-Palmolive Co.CL63.3568.13-1.88 ▼1-2.34%
The Clorox CompanyCLX111.69106.905.63 ▼61.81%
ComericaCMA43.9749.11-3.47 ▼66.80%
Comcast CorporationCMCSA56.7860.99-0.93 ▼34.81%
CME Group Inc.CME94.6296.660.52 ▼1-7.02%
Chipotle Mexican GrillCMG721.20662.328.49 ▼68.34%
Cummins Inc.CMI122.27132.94-4.77 ▼1310.19%
CMS Energy Corp.CMS33.4733.142.02 ▲4-2.53%
CenterPoint EnergyCNP18.8220.18-2.20 ▲3819.12%
CONSOL Energy Inc.CNX14.3921.02-7.96 ▼1348.26%
Capital One FinancialCOF77.3285.01-4.49 ▼50.92%
Cabot Oil & GasCOG23.3030.35-8.12 ▼823.33%
Coach, Inc.COH29.9636.52-6.61 ▲1721.16%
Rockwell CollinsCOL83.4292.44-7.47 ▼51.82%
ConocoPhillipsCOP46.8258.94-8.49 ▼4736.49%
Costco WholesaleCOST139.95144.76-0.10 ▼1-5.91%
Campbell Soup Co.CPB47.8047.013.29 ▼407.42%
Salesforce.comCRM70.2568.19-0.27 ▼2812.26%
Computer SciencesCSC62.9766.86-1.75 ▼1-5.64%
Cisco Systems, Inc.CSCO26.0028.41-1.94 ▼1-4.46%
CSX Corp.CSX27.8032.28-6.62 ▼916.62%
Cintas CorporationCTAS85.3781.961.60 ▼192152.49%pP
CenturyLink, Inc.CTL27.0431.59-6.65 ▼3328.75%
Cognizant Technology SolutionsCTSH63.7260.481.80 ▼4330.09%pP
Citrix Systems, Inc.CTXS68.6967.894.88 ▼182.52%
Cablevision SystemsCVC25.2122.773.50 ▼1824.43%
CVS CaremarkCVS104.1898.842.32 ▼9877.53%
Chevron CorporationCVX80.4396.03-8.34 ▼5034.24%
Dominion ResourcesD71.0369.823.18 ▲4-1.24%
Delta Air Lines Inc.DAL43.9442.081.04 ▼3-5.97%
DuPont Co.DD51.8462.37-8.54 ▼1522.35%
Deere & CompanyDE82.4793.65-1.93 ▼1-5.41%
Discover Financial ServicesDFS53.9557.73-3.67 ▼3210.44%
Dollar GeneralDG74.8478.221.40 ▼00.00%Sell
Quest DiagnosticsDGX68.8973.61-1.37 ▼1-2.38%
DR Horton Inc.DHI30.1326.894.72 ▲4431.86%
Danaher Corp.DHR88.0685.842.92 ▼151.73%
Walt Disney Co.DIS102.48110.77-2.21 ▼24.49%
Discovery CommunicationsDISCA27.1132.38-4.27 ▼514.24%
Discovery CommunicationsDISCK25.7130.31-4.13 ▼5033.60%
Delphi AutomotiveDLPH75.3582.77-6.08 ▼75.85%
Dollar Tree, Inc.DLTR76.7375.27-1.05 ▼6434.95%
Dun & BradstreetDNB107.06124.38-5.92 ▼812.04%
Diamond Offshore DrillingDO24.2927.27-4.67 ▲10661.93%
Dover Corp.DOV60.3768.65-6.56 ▼914.03%
Dow Chemical Co.DOW44.0049.67-6.13 ▼53.32%
Dr Pepper Snapple GroupDPS77.1175.023.87 ▼7-0.79%
Darden RestaurantsDRI69.0565.553.95 ▼4935.47%
DTE Energy Co.DTE78.8377.922.66 ▲4-2.08%
Duke EnergyDUK72.3976.56-0.01 ▲00.00%Sell
DaVita, Inc.DVA76.2981.21-2.99 ▼83.10%
Devon EnergyDVN42.2055.36-8.23 ▼1131.25%
Electronic Arts Inc.EA67.9162.335.42 ▼82157.63%
eBay Inc.EBAY27.2527.383.53 ▼1-14.16%
Ecolab Inc.ECL110.46115.34-1.06 ▼1-5.73%
Consolidated EdisonED63.6061.305.19 ▲4-0.17%
Equifax Inc.EFX98.4595.392.78 ▼4330.69%pP
Edison InternationalEIX59.6458.980.99 ▲1-4.97%
Estee Lauder CompaniesEL80.3587.09-0.99 ▼1-6.20%
EMC CorporationEMC24.9626.97-1.36 ▼1-4.79%
Eastman Chemical Co.EMN72.7178.62-1.91 ▼50.27%
Emerson Electric Co.EMR48.0555.50-8.11 ▼914.56%
Endo Pharmaceuticals HoldingsENDP78.7085.73-1.28 ▼1-11.36%
EOG Resources, Inc.EOG77.3184.99-4.90 ▲1514.63%
Equinix, Inc.EQIX268.78253.753.97 ▼4225.90%pP
Equity ResidentialEQR72.9476.370.75 ▼00.00%Sell
EQT CorporationEQT77.7182.15-3.60 ▲105.42%
Eversource EnergyES48.2947.832.60 ▲4-2.97%
Express Scripts Inc.ESRX84.4689.03-0.69 ▼1-6.45%
Essex Property TrustESS220.66216.571.12 ▼4-2.22%
Ensco plcESV17.8321.87-5.53 ▲5664.62%spBuy
E*TRADE FinancialETFC26.5329.16-2.62 ▼1-12.70%
Eaton CorporationETN57.0564.91-8.15 ▼915.79%
Entergy CorporationETR65.9074.40-3.75 ▼2816.67%
Edwards LifesciencesEW144.70136.112.41 ▼78108.59%
Exelon CorporationEXC31.4033.84-1.56 ▲299.42%
Expeditors Intl. of WashingtonEXPD49.6645.741.44 ▲32.41%
Expedia Inc.EXPE116.51104.195.27 ▼2830.25%pP
Ford Motor Co.F13.7415.27-3.92 ▼1511.18%
Fastenal CompanyFAST38.6942.33-3.16 ▼3012.92%
Facebook, Inc.FB91.0184.174.53 ▼109167.13%
Freeport-McMoRan Copper & GoldFCX10.5018.14-8.39 ▼5169.97%
FedEx CorporationFDX152.50171.53-4.50 ▼710.13%
FirstEnergy Corp.FE32.4935.23-1.31 ▼279.65%
F5 Networks, Inc.FFIV122.97120.531.76 ▼5-3.11%
Fidelity National Information FIS70.2863.474.27 ▲47.30%
Fiserv, Inc.FISV86.7880.455.20 ▼194198.73%
Fifth Third BancorpFITB19.9721.050.02 ▼1-6.79%
FLIR Systems, Inc.FLIR28.5731.03-2.08 ▼217.12%
Fluor CorporationFLR45.6553.64-7.32 ▼5637.65%
Flowserve Corp.FLS44.9452.55-6.25 ▼4836.20%
FMC Corp.FMC42.4053.51-8.37 ▼2225.93%
Fossil, Inc.FOSL61.6075.11-6.35 ▼3340.36%
Twenty-First Century FoxFOXA27.9233.01-4.79 ▼39.56%
First Solar, Inc.FSLR47.8052.17-2.39 ▲133.94%
FMC TechnologiesFTI34.2839.08-6.64 ▼5039.36%
Frontier CommunicationsFTR5.085.71-2.66 ▲1927.94%
AGL Resources Inc.GAS60.5647.812.52 ▲222.42%
General DynamicsGD144.53140.312.84 ▼173.35%
General ElectricGE25.1626.78-4.26 ▼51.49%
General Growth PropertiesGGP26.0727.95-0.88 ▼123.41%
Gilead Sciences Inc.GILD107.78115.13-0.36 ▼1-10.76%
General Mills, Inc.GIS57.1354.902.11 ▼399.61%
Corning Inc.GLW17.1820.79-8.05 ▼1719.91%
General MotorsGM29.0033.84-6.05 ▼915.01%
Keurig Green MountainGMCR54.1190.52-8.60 ▼3458.68%
GameStop Corp.GME42.4941.822.71 ▼255.91%
Genworth FinancialGNW5.177.53-6.55 ▼5660.68%
Google Inc.GOOGL659.69588.278.45 ▼1815.24%
Genuine PartsGPC83.7191.86-4.49 ▼3213.27%
Gap Inc.GPS32.8337.84-6.36 ▼1718.11%
Garmin Ltd.GRMN37.9945.45-5.93 ▼2723.10%
Goldman Sachs GroupGS187.75205.65-3.00 ▼1-5.21%
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.GT29.5228.650.29 ▼277.03%
W.W. Grainger, Inc.GWW223.23237.09-4.45 ▼84.52%
Halliburton CompanyHAL38.5944.77-4.31 ▼1414.76%
Harman International IndustrieHAR99.55121.14-5.11 ▼1317.78%
Hasbro Inc.HAS75.5170.934.12 ▼2820.66%
Huntington BancsharesHBAN10.9111.490.78 ▼1-4.40%
Hanesbrands Inc.HBI30.2632.34-4.03 ▼41.72%
HCA HoldingsHCA88.8280.432.89 ▼110130.52%
Hudson City BancorpHCBK9.3610.170.74 ▼1-0.75%
Health Care REITHCN65.0871.46-2.57 ▼1710.35%
HCP, Inc.HCP37.7040.23-0.28 ▲2812.41%
Home Depot, Inc.HD117.52108.602.91 ▼6546.44%pP
Hess CorporationHES57.4666.98-5.89 ▼4736.49%
Hartford Financial Services GrHIG46.2243.567.64 ▼2812.76%
Harley-DavidsonHOG56.6459.200.51 ▼329.93%
Honeywell InternationalHON100.02104.83-0.93 ▼1-9.86%
Starwood Hotels & Resorts WorlHOT73.2982.33-4.73 ▼48.33%
Helmerich & PayneHP57.6569.97-5.92 ▼917.23%
Hewlett-PackardHPQ28.0332.05-5.05 ▼3022.70%
H&R Block, Inc.HRB34.4731.354.32 ▲55.77%
Hormel Foods Corp.HRL61.5056.964.44 ▲5322.22%
Harris Corp.HRS77.5481.011.12 ▼00.00%Sell
Henry Schein, Inc.HSIC139.40144.170.28 ▼1-6.35%
Hospira Inc.HSP89.9385.684.01 ▼121173.01%
Host Hotels & ResortsHST18.2820.75-3.73 ▼2716.03%
Hershey Co.HSY90.2096.13-2.62 ▼184.75%
Humana Inc.HUM184.01175.67-1.28 ▼5242.48%
Intl Business MachinesIBM147.98164.54-5.17 ▼56.93%
IntercontinentalExchangeICE232.41226.430.81 ▲4914.12%
International Flavors & FragraIFF110.96110.44-0.36 ▼4-3.89%
Intel CorporationINTC28.4231.10-5.12 ▲1210.66%
Intuit Inc.INTU86.21103.49-2.59 ▼1-4.74%
International Paper Co.IP43.7350.75-6.05 ▼1616.61%
Interpublic Group of CompaniesIPG19.1820.86-0.36 ▼1-2.95%
Ingersoll-Rand PlcIR55.7365.97-7.62 ▼717.35%
Iron Mountain Inc.IRM28.5433.28-5.87 ▼1717.59%
Intuitive SurgicalISRG514.24496.262.48 ▼5-4.64%
Illinois Tool WorksITW85.0693.34-5.37 ▼1810.35%
Invesco Ltd.IVZ34.6138.85-4.19 ▼1212.36%
JB Hunt Transport ServicesJBHT73.5184.83-4.58 ▼1312.65%
Johnson ControlsJCI41.4949.58-6.65 ▼816.32%
Jacobs Engineering GroupJEC39.9643.70-1.66 ▼1-3.79%
Johnson & JohnsonJNJ95.17100.48-2.21 ▼315.86%
Juniper NetworksJNPR25.9825.791.62 ▼209.30%
Joy Global, Inc.JOY24.0133.83-8.60 ▼5058.63%
JPMorgan Chase & Co.JPM64.1367.38-0.39 ▼1-8.16%
Nordstrom Inc.JWN73.3677.76-0.05 ▼00.00%Sell
Kellogg CompanyK67.0464.174.78 ▲54.36%
KeyCorpKEY13.7814.97-2.01 ▼1-5.19%
Kimco RealtyKIM23.5825.101.15 ▼00.00%Sell
KLA-TencorKLAC49.8956.59-5.15 ▼3122.50%
Kimberly-ClarkKMB107.21112.822.85 ▼00.00%Sell
Kinder Morgan, Inc.KMI32.6337.80-8.23 ▼1218.91%
CarMax Inc.KMX61.0267.41-5.66 ▼53.22%
Coca Cola Co.KO39.4541.26-0.26 ▼1-3.84%
Michael Kors HoldingsKORS43.1752.05-6.53 ▲6251.27%
The Kroger Co.KR34.9434.111.19 ▼7976.38%
Kraft Foods GroupKRFT88.1976.036.67 ▼3251.67%
Kohl's Corp.KSS51.7265.31-7.17 ▼1521.91%
Kansas City SouthernKSU94.58102.43-1.12 ▼3213.78%
Loews CorporationL36.5339.36-4.13 ▼139.15%
Leggett & Platt,LEG44.1447.58-0.25 ▼00.00%Sell
Lennar Corp.LEN50.4348.552.58 ▼4923.00%
Laboratory Corp. of AmericaLH119.61117.861.16 ▼3914.31%
L-3 Communications HoldingsLLL106.97121.09-3.15 ▼176.43%
Linear TechnologyLLTC40.8144.09-5.88 ▼99.35%
Eli Lilly & Co.LLY83.1978.273.30 ▼8561.35%
Legg Mason Inc.LM44.7552.21-5.49 ▼1916.78%
Lockheed MartinLMT203.90193.225.45 ▼60.79%
Lincoln NationalLNC51.1357.95-3.95 ▼49.49%
Lowe's CompaniesLOW68.4567.560.01 ▲2-4.76%
Lam ResearchLRCX72.9278.76-3.70 ▼66.43%
Leucadia NationalLUK21.5023.87-3.64 ▼57.61%
Southwest Airlines Co.LUV37.1039.44-0.37 ▲140.24%
Level 3 CommunicationsLVLT45.3752.48-5.62 ▼812.31%
LyondellBasell Industries NVLYB85.4395.62-5.02 ▼54.05%
Macy's, Inc.M59.0067.53-3.09 ▼26.22%
MastercardMA94.0895.791.06 ▼1-10.04%
Macerich Co.MAC77.5480.88-1.08 ▼10-0.25%
Marriott InternationalMAR71.5876.49-4.45 ▼94.86%
Masco CorporationMAS26.2924.005.75 ▲4-0.27%
Mattel Inc.MAT23.2026.01-5.00 ▼1310.22%
McDonald's Corp.MCD96.2595.010.75 ▼26-2.68%
Microchip TechnologyMCHP43.2446.54-4.89 ▼86.06%
McKesson CorporationMCK200.80224.69-5.59 ▼49.36%
Moody's Corp.MCO104.39108.46-0.07 ▼1-6.16%
Mondelez InternationalMDLZ42.8040.217.14 ▼2014.50%pP
Medtronic, Inc.MDT73.5677.07-0.61 ▼1-8.50%
MetLife, Inc.MET50.3255.43-1.41 ▼1-8.54%
McGraw Hill FinancialMHFI99.45104.46-2.30 ▼32.36%
Mohawk IndustriesMHK197.59184.594.67 ▼4338.72%pP
Mead Johnson NutritionMJN78.5792.77-6.69 ▼1819.91%
McCormick & Co. Inc.MKC79.9277.423.95 ▼223.18%
Martin Marietta MaterialsMLM165.50148.315.20 ▼2814.62%pP
Marsh & McLennan CompaniesMMC54.1358.09-1.99 ▼1-1.88%
3M Co.MMM144.21157.37-5.81 ▼127.85%
Mallinckrodt PlcMNK89.93116.49-5.85 ▼310.58%
Monster BeverageMNST140.43129.724.26 ▼55102.79%
Altria Group Inc.MO54.1750.905.08 ▼75.06%
Monsanto Co.MON98.38108.62-6.96 ▼1213.71%
The Mosaic CompanyMOS41.0445.45-4.13 ▼2412.35%
Marathon PetroleumMPC47.2254.45-0.23 ▼1-6.11%
Merck & Co. Inc.MRK55.3759.11-1.78 ▼113.87%
Marathon OilMRO16.6524.79-8.44 ▼1539.26%
Morgan StanleyMS34.0538.76-2.77 ▼1-7.69%
MicrosoftMSFT43.9346.47-0.48 ▼1-8.60%
Motorola SolutionsMSI64.5559.893.60 ▲30.12%
M&T Bank CorporationMTB119.02128.701.15 ▼1-1.00%
Micron TechnologyMU15.9622.66-7.07 ▲3245.92%
Murphy OilMUR30.0441.61-8.44 ▼5651.13%
Mylan, Inc.MYL50.3765.93-7.60 ▼49.88%
NavientNAVI13.0518.13-8.46 ▼1531.50%
Noble Energy, Inc.NBL34.5342.68-6.56 ▲5750.52%spBuy
Nasdaq OMX GroupNDAQ51.4949.582.20 ▼4319.82%pP
NextEra Energy, Inc.NEE101.82105.882.87 ▼00.00%Sell
Newmont Mining Corp.NEM17.1721.54-8.02 ▲722.97%
Netflix, Inc.NFLX117.6390.989.03 ▼3187.99%pP
Newfield Exploration Co.NFX31.6036.02-2.33 ▼51.50%
NiSource Inc.NI17.0617.83-1.42 ▼8-0.65%
Nike Inc.NKE112.50103.444.92 ▼6647.08%
Nielsen Holdings N.V.NLSN45.2644.681.88 ▼210.00%
Northrop GrummanNOC165.54157.223.69 ▼128148.73%
National Oilwell VarcoNOV41.6550.31-7.06 ▼4846.42%
NRG Energy, Inc.NRG20.2223.94-5.26 ▼3828.19%
Norfolk SouthernNSC79.2092.29-7.58 ▼2223.85%
NetApp, Inc.NTAP31.6234.58-5.00 ▲3218.69%
Northern TrustNTRS70.1476.37-0.57 ▼1-1.45%
Nucor CorporationNUE43.3146.68-2.78 ▲95.66%
NVIDIA CorporationNVDA22.7320.491.35 ▲3-0.39%
Newell RubbermaidNWL41.6639.634.11 ▼6434.34%
News Corp.NWSA13.8015.34-2.69 ▼1911.77%
Realty Income Corp.O45.9448.230.58 ▼00.00%Sell
Owens-Illinois, Inc.OI20.8222.92-4.98 ▲1313.29%spBuy
ONEOK Inc.OKE35.6342.76-4.97 ▼4743.31%
Omnicom Group Inc.OMC67.7474.28-3.01 ▼139.40%
Oracle CorporationORCL37.4641.36-5.65 ▼1010.38%
O'Reilly AutomotiveORLY240.99219.656.43 ▼145167.47%
Occidental PetroleumOXY71.8476.28-4.18 ▲5026.01%
Paychex, Inc.PAYX44.9548.34-2.86 ▼85.27%
People's United FinancialPBCT15.4716.111.30 ▼00.00%Sell
Pitney Bowes Inc.PBI19.9521.89-3.74 ▼4922.76%
PACCAR Inc.PCAR59.4564.56-2.69 ▼36.66%
PG&E Corp.PCG50.4253.170.84 ▼00.00%Sell
Plum Creek Timber Co.PCL39.1242.01-1.92 ▼146.14% IncPCLN1259.391175.403.08 ▼63.19%
Precision CastpartsPCP229.98205.302.48 ▲2-0.22%
Patterson CompaniesPDCO46.3949.561.25 ▼00.00%Sell
Public Service Enterprise GrouPEG40.5240.370.86 ▼3-4.41%
Pepsico, Inc.PEP93.5397.670.64 ▼00.00%Sell
Pfizer Inc.PFE32.6634.690.28 ▼00.00%Sell
Principal Financial GroupPFG50.9054.412.96 ▼00.00%Sell
Procter & Gamble Co.PG71.2180.90-6.25 ▼3015.81%
Progressive Corp.PGR30.0528.327.51 ▼2914.61%
Parker HannifinPH106.98116.61-4.50 ▼1010.08%
PulteGroup, Inc.PHM20.4419.870.69 ▲2-3.04%
PerkinElmer Inc.PKI49.4851.82-2.48 ▼1-8.53%
Prologis, Inc.PLD38.8941.220.32 ▼00.00%Sell
Philip Morris InternationalPM80.3584.280.52 ▼1-2.84%
PNC Financial Services GroupPNC91.2397.42-0.39 ▼1-8.13%
Pentair, Inc.PNR55.9763.38-3.05 ▼57.23%
Pinnacle West CapitalPNW60.4860.312.42 ▲3-3.54%
Pepco Holdings, Inc.POM23.0127.08-2.19 ▼00.00%Sell
PPG Industries Inc.PPG96.11111.03-6.56 ▼614.15%
PPL CorporationPPL31.3732.910.29 ▲00.00%Sell
Perrigo Co.PRGO185.42178.770.78 ▼2410.75%
Prudential FinancialPRU81.2088.42-0.51 ▼1-6.84%
Public StoragePSA206.16195.146.15 ▲74.52%
Phillips 66PSX77.2380.88-0.45 ▼1-7.37%
PVH Corp.PVH116.98108.681.70 ▼122.36%
Quanta ServicesPWR23.7728.02-6.50 ▼716.33%
Praxair Inc.PX106.19118.15-6.07 ▼2415.41%
Pioneer Natural Resources Co.PXD121.27146.67-5.73 ▲1623.61%
QUALCOMM IncQCOM57.4564.58-4.52 ▼4215.66%
Qorvo Inc.QRVO55.7972.74-6.16 ▼43.01%
Ryder System, Inc.R82.0492.64-3.47 ▼98.12%
Reynolds AmericanRAI84.6776.117.37 ▼135106.45%pP
Royal Caribbean CruisesRCL88.8680.225.80 ▼1213.05%pP
Regeneron PharmaceuticalsREGN536.70486.504.43 ▼6071.97%
Regions FinancialRF9.6210.44-0.25 ▼1-5.60%
Robert Half InternationalRHI51.4457.15-2.20 ▼86.69%
Red Hat, Inc.RHT73.8677.24-0.47 ▼1-10.22%
Transocean Ltd.RIG13.5917.31-4.65 ▲5767.63%
Ralph LaurenRL110.89133.38-6.35 ▼3235.10%
Rockwell AutomationROK111.67120.80-3.85 ▼54.23%
Roper IndustriesROP164.05172.60-3.02 ▼42.04%
Ross Stores Inc.ROST49.4049.072.29 ▼5332.89%
Range ResourcesRRC38.3349.23-7.49 ▼1229.95%
Republic Services Inc.RSG41.1040.433.58 ▼60.88%
Raytheon Co.RTN104.25101.522.22 ▼4-4.33%
Science Applications IntlSAIC49.2353.04-1.61 ▼1-7.40%
StarbucksSBUX55.6349.535.32 ▼4243.82%
SCANA Corp.SCG53.9253.133.27 ▲4-1.73%
Charles Schwab Corp.SCHW30.7033.551.10 ▼1-6.41%
Spectra Energy Corp.SE28.8832.91-6.79 ▲1317.91%
Sealed AirSEE52.0649.064.17 ▼4344.45%
Sherwin-Williams Co.SHW258.11276.77-2.55 ▼1-2.58%
Sigma-Aldrich CorpSIAL139.55137.491.88 ▼14393.58%
Signet JewelersSIG139.66123.00-2.82 ▲00.00%Buy
J. M. Smucker Co.SJM117.59109.08-1.76 ▲00.00%Buy
Schlumberger LimitedSLB76.0686.83-4.40 ▼1012.47%
SL Green RealtySLG106.56119.50-3.43 ▼1410.52%
Snap-on Inc.SNA159.89153.323.83 ▼4531.59%
SanDisk Corp.SNDK52.2764.00-4.18 ▼3233.04%
Scripps Networks InteractiveSNI53.1866.31-7.59 ▼3329.10%
Southern CompanySO43.7445.362.65 ▲00.00%Sell
Simon Property GroupSPG184.32181.572.43 ▲3-4.37%
Staples, Inc.SPLS13.7515.61-5.76 ▼810.54%
Stericycle, Inc.SRCL142.00135.393.51 ▲40.55%
Sempra EnergySRE97.36105.14-1.55 ▼00.00%Sell
SunTrust Banks, Inc.STI40.5143.90-0.51 ▼1-6.75%
St. Jude MedicalSTJ72.6274.11-1.49 ▼3-1.21%
State Street Corp.STT73.1178.30-1.47 ▼52.00%
Seagate TechnologySTX50.6853.72-2.61 ▲309.50%
Constellation BrandsSTZ127.94114.254.43 ▲132195.47%
Stanley Black & DeckerSWK100.50105.68-0.47 ▼1-4.67%
Skyworks SolutionsSWKS88.6294.42-3.99 ▼31.42%
Southwestern Energy Co.SWN16.0022.08-6.55 ▼1337.82%
Stryker Corp.SYK99.6995.723.80 ▼236.63%pP
Symantec CorporationSYMC20.8423.53-4.40 ▼1212.69%
Sysco Corp.SYY39.9137.262.88 ▲2-2.21%
AT&T, Inc.T33.2934.92-1.62 ▼21.97%
Molson Coors BrewingTAP67.1473.37-1.98 ▼127.58%
Teradata CorporationTDC29.4936.95-7.34 ▼1627.63%
TECO Energy, Inc.TE21.2319.738.36 ▼6-0.09%
TE Connectivity Ltd.TEL59.2465.69-6.48 ▼99.65%
TEGNA Inc.TGNA24.1629.94-7.04 ▼517.80%
Target Corp.TGT78.0381.63-1.22 ▼1-5.59%
Tenet HealthcareTHC50.3255.11-0.51 ▼22.35%
Tiffany & Co.TIF83.6192.94-0.72 ▼1-1.17%
TJX CompaniesTJX70.7266.333.73 ▼94.82%
Torchmark Corp.TMK58.9257.014.51 ▼289.31%
Thermo Fisher ScientificTMO126.52134.420.77 ▼1-4.65%
TripAdvisor Inc.TRIP70.6082.19-3.68 ▼411.07%
T. Rowe Price GroupTROW72.4078.89-4.44 ▼308.22%
The Travelers CompaniesTRV100.43104.751.97 ▼00.00%Sell
Tractor Supply CoTSCO85.3991.300.17 ▼1-8.64%
Tyson Foods Inc.TSN42.6240.990.55 ▼174.59%
Tesoro CorporationTSO93.4689.283.86 ▼7068.79%
Total System ServicesTSS46.3641.048.57 ▼4337.32%pP
Time Warner CableTWC187.43174.834.99 ▼2827.18%
Time Warner Inc.TWX72.3884.93-4.72 ▼310.28%
Texas InstrumentsTXN47.9953.50-5.07 ▼1813.08%
Textron Inc.TXT39.7144.82-4.44 ▼710.00%
Tyco InternationalTYC36.3839.33-4.48 ▼189.46%
Under Armour, Inc.UA96.4183.148.04 ▼6472.38%
Universal Health ServicesUHS140.37128.995.19 ▼7067.11%
Unitedhealth GroupUNH117.28111.720.44 ▼126108.39%
Unum GroupUNM33.5836.12-1.15 ▼1-5.47%
Union PacificUNP86.89102.20-5.85 ▼2220.28%
United Parcel ServiceUPS98.6497.920.45 ▼4-3.76%
Urban OutfittersURBN31.0536.60-5.56 ▼1410.62%
United Rentals, Inc.URI67.0682.77-8.09 ▼1325.22%
U.S. BancorpUSB42.5944.980.19 ▼1-5.84%
United TechnologiesUTX93.24109.14-8.76 ▼1019.20%
Visa, Inc.V72.4668.103.77 ▼4320.73%
Varian Medical SystemsVAR82.4789.03-2.63 ▼177.30%
V.F. CorporationVFC73.0871.082.40 ▼5-2.51%
Viacom, Inc.VIAB40.9159.15-8.89 ▼5650.26%
Valero EnergyVLO59.0063.932.30 ▼00.00%Sell
Vulcan MaterialsVMC92.4285.783.55 ▼4242.38%pP
Vornado Realty TrustVNO89.52101.02-4.26 ▼1412.35%
VeriSign, Inc.VRSN69.5564.255.55 ▼2916.17%pP
Ventas, Inc.VTR56.6960.34-0.09 ▲00.00%Sell
Verizon CommunicationsVZ46.0748.17-3.31 ▼122.46%
Waters Corp.WAT124.81129.96-1.07 ▼1-7.22%
Walgreens Boots AllianceWBA87.4284.392.71 ▼4232.08%
Western DigitalWDC81.2889.46-4.34 ▲2416.94%
Wisconsin EnergyWEC48.2047.652.71 ▲3-3.58%
Wells Fargo &WFC53.5457.14-0.73 ▼1-8.82%
Whole Foods MarketWFM32.8543.39-8.49 ▼1932.75%
Whirlpool Corp.WHR168.49187.82-2.89 ▲176.08%
Waste ManagementWM50.2149.412.67 ▲4-1.65%
Williams CompaniesWMB48.9253.58-0.99 ▼30.02%
Wal-Mart Stores Inc.WMT64.9476.79-6.07 ▼2421.24%
Western Union Co.WU18.5620.60-3.63 ▼81.80%
Weyerhaeuser Co.WY28.2432.37-4.56 ▼2514.48%
Wyndham WorldwideWYN77.2085.23-4.89 ▼139.25%
Wynn Resorts Ltd.WYNN78.20112.46-4.27 ▼5258.65%
Cimarex Energy Co.XEC107.75115.99-1.74 ▲1-8.01%
Xcel Energy Inc.XEL33.9533.482.76 ▲4-2.13%
XL Group plcXL37.6633.95-0.78 ▼4311.85%pP
Xilinx Inc.XLNX42.2744.57-3.13 ▲70.05%
Exxon MobilXOM75.0782.91-6.13 ▼5623.97%
DENTSPLY InternationalXRAY53.2652.043.26 ▼181.53%
Xerox Corp.XRX10.3111.61-2.74 ▼2418.95%
Xylem Inc.XYL32.7035.65-5.25 ▼78.40%
Yahoo! Inc.YHOO33.1440.63-6.22 ▼2922.23%
Yum! Brands, Inc.YUM81.8288.36-3.33 ▼21.26%
Zimmer Biomet HoldingsZBH104.37112.40-4.71 ▼175.74%
Zions Bancorp.ZION28.9230.63-0.37 ▼1-8.19%
Zoetis Inc.ZTS45.7848.29-1.01 ▼1-10.47%

S&P 400 stocks (Mid Caps)   [Top] [Dow] [Nasdaq100] [ETF] [S&P500] [S&P600] [Info] [FAQ]

Weekly reversal levels as of the close on August 28, 2015
Name     Close    Trend    RevL (W)MoM (W)    Weeks    P/L %    Action    
Aaron's, Inc.AAN37.8833.594.11 ▼1814.75%pP
American Campus CommunitiesACC35.0039.32-4.07 ▼1713.62%
ACI Worldwide, Inc.ACIW21.3823.57-2.63 ▼1-1.71%
AECOM TechnologyACM27.1331.96-4.76 ▼713.27%
Acxiom CorporationACXM21.1517.984.44 ▲33.73%
American Eagle OutfittersAEO16.7517.390.71 ▼1-11.67%
American Financial GroupAFG69.3865.737.79 ▼2912.52%pP
AGCO CorporationAGCO48.9053.460.65 ▼1-5.78%
Aspen Insurance HoldingsAHL45.7348.130.71 ▼00.00%Sell
Arthur J Gallagher & Co.AJG43.8748.07-3.42 ▼1-2.72%
Akorn, Inc.AKRX41.0345.91-1.54 ▼1-11.01%
Albemarle Corp.ALB45.3056.00-5.96 ▼816.51%
Alexander & BaldwinALEX34.3340.06-5.13 ▼1214.60%
Align TechnologyALGN57.2761.79-1.02 ▼1-8.57%
Alaska Air GroupALK75.8166.196.97 ▼4451.50%pP
AMC Networks Inc.AMCX73.6078.05-2.01 ▼1-11.84%
Advanced Micro DevicesAMD1.852.32-4.51 ▲2232.23%spBuy
Abercrombie & Fitch Co.ANF19.1823.03-4.18 ▼4847.58%
Ansys, Inc.ANSS89.7488.022.17 ▼4212.73%
AO Smith Corp.AOS64.6468.99-1.08 ▼1-11.68%
Apollo Group Inc.APOL11.4716.00-6.52 ▼3357.42%
Alexandria Real Estate EquitieARE88.4493.58-0.14 ▼00.00%Sell
Arris Group Inc.ARRS26.8231.10-4.87 ▼811.83%
Arrow ElectronicsARW55.7459.29-2.79 ▲125.32%
Associated Banc-CorpASB18.1219.88-1.23 ▼1-2.37%
Ashland Inc.ASH104.65122.34-7.24 ▼813.53%
Ascena Retail GroupASNA12.0014.69-7.39 ▼611.11%
Allegheny TechnologiesATI19.3426.29-8.02 ▼1039.43%
Atmel CorporationATML8.218.84-4.48 ▼54.42%
Atmos EnergyATO55.5853.132.87 ▲62.81%
AptarGroup, Inc.ATR67.7164.313.80 ▲4-0.10%
Atwood OceanicsATW18.9225.67-6.65 ▼1338.51%
Avon Products Inc.AVP5.167.02-4.73 ▲9571.67%
Avnet Inc.AVT42.2643.41-1.77 ▲1-11.24%
Acuity Brands, Inc.AYI198.03176.298.11 ▼5259.12%pP
BrunswickBC49.8053.32-0.37 ▼1-3.53%
Belden, Inc.BDC50.7177.30-9.61 ▼835.67%
BE Aerospace Inc.BEAV49.3957.94-7.06 ▲1616.95%
Sotheby'sBID35.8442.53-6.95 ▼513.76%
Big Lots Inc.BIG48.5843.41-2.77 ▲00.00%Buy
Bio-Rad LaboratoriesBIO139.52146.310.13 ▼1-3.35%
Black Hills Corp.BKH40.1145.75-4.98 ▼3722.27%
BioMed Realty TrustBMR18.9421.09-0.33 ▼00.00%Sell
Bemis Company, Inc.BMS42.9346.07-1.89 ▼51.72%
Bank of HawaiiBOH61.8665.941.30 ▼1-2.71%
Broadridge Financial SolutionsBR53.5351.321.97 ▼7-0.98%
Brown & Brown Inc.BRO32.3933.680.81 ▼1-4.15%
Buffalo Wild WingsBWLD194.06169.897.99 ▲4-0.99%
BancorpSouth, Inc.BXS23.4225.07-0.42 ▼1-3.63%
Cabela's Inc.CAB44.8750.26-6.14 ▼1513.71%
The Cheesecake FactoryCAKE55.5252.393.13 ▼184.76%
Casey's General StoresCASY106.0892.727.26 ▼1516.00%pP
Cathay General BancorpCATY29.4731.041.21 ▼00.00%Sell
CBOE Holdings, Inc.CBOE63.8258.664.36 ▼72.94%
Cracker Barrel Old Country StoCBRL145.82139.751.14 ▼5142.06%
Commerce BancsharesCBSH44.5946.391.74 ▼00.00%Sell
Cabot Corp.CBT33.9339.72-7.85 ▼2422.75%
CDK Global Inc.CDK49.6947.35-1.35 ▼226.36%
Cadence Design SystemsCDNS20.1419.122.58 ▼237.93%pP
Corporate Executive Board Co.CEB71.4583.24-5.45 ▼46.85%
Cullen/Frost BankersCFR64.1973.72-4.60 ▼59.55%
Cognex CorporationCGNX35.4945.00-7.55 ▼624.02%
Church & Dwight Co.CHD86.8582.144.80 ▼5125.89%pP
Chico's FAS Inc.CHS14.8816.49-6.42 ▼78.43%
CIENA Corp.CIEN22.8623.78-0.31 ▼1-14.19%
CLARCOR Inc.CLC56.3661.86-4.26 ▼169.07%
CoreLogic, Inc.CLGX38.2739.41-0.67 ▼1-8.23%
Clean Harbors, Inc.CLH49.3353.95-3.61 ▼85.59%
Mack-Cali RealtyCLI19.2218.965.27 ▼10-1.94%
Commercial MetalsCMC15.4516.44-1.88 ▼5-3.00%
Compass Minerals InternationalCMP81.7287.13-3.13 ▲198.74%
Centene Corp.CNC62.5269.13-1.89 ▼00.00%Sell
Cinemark HoldingsCNK36.0940.64-4.00 ▼56.96%
Cleco CorporationCNL53.5954.49-0.01 ▼00.00%Sell
CNO Financial GroupCNO17.7618.36-1.05 ▼1-10.31%
Con-way Inc.CNW35.2239.98-3.83 ▼3321.89%
The Cooper CompaniesCOO164.74178.02-3.00 ▼54.66%
Copart, Inc.CPRT34.9936.40-0.62 ▼1-4.35%
Camden Property TrustCPT73.9678.931.70 ▼00.00%Sell
Crane Co.CR52.5558.47-5.99 ▼1915.02%
California ResourcesCRC3.436.23-6.25 ▼948.19%
Cree, Inc.CREE26.9929.78-3.79 ▲2222.71%
Carter's, Inc.CRI98.54101.35-1.77 ▼1-6.93%
Charles River Laboratories IntCRL70.3875.030.00 ▼1-7.17%
Carpenter TechnologyCRS38.4740.92-2.89 ▲135.99%
Carlisle CompaniesCSL101.0797.361.51 ▼4419.07%
CST Brands, Inc.CST34.6239.65-6.39 ▼1613.43%
Catalent Inc.CTLT32.1629.293.30 ▼3016.44%pP
ConvergysCVG22.8224.34-2.86 ▼33.26%
CommVault SystemsCVLT35.7042.06-5.35 ▼3326.13%
Corrections Corp.CXW30.1735.75-5.83 ▼1717.93%
Cypress SemiconductorCY10.0912.61-6.03 ▼1923.85%
Community Health SystemsCYH54.9759.040.44 ▼00.00%Sell
City National Corp.CYN87.8390.86-2.97 ▼50.85%
Cytec IndustriesCYT73.8560.4510.00 ▲3053.44%
Dana Holding Corp.DAN17.4520.02-6.20 ▼814.21%
Diebold Inc.DBD31.1934.89-2.27 ▼77.99%
Donaldson CompanyDCI31.5735.44-5.47 ▼4019.64%
3D Systems Corp.DDD13.4823.74-7.53 ▲7779.14%
Deckers OutdoorDECK64.1574.22-2.81 ▼3226.01%
Douglas Emmett IncDEI28.3729.731.72 ▼00.00%Sell
Dean Foods CompanyDF16.8116.46-0.44 ▼4-5.35%
Dick's Sporting GoodsDKS50.4053.64-3.68 ▲105.17%
Deluxe Corp.DLX58.8265.02-2.60 ▼138.27%
Dunkin' Brands GroupDNKN51.6953.57-0.72 ▼1-9.70%
Now Inc.DNOW16.3421.67-5.65 ▼4042.99%
Denbury ResourcesDNR4.166.65-6.64 ▲5574.99%
Domino's Pizza, Inc.DPZ108.41103.540.88 ▼5444.91%
Duke Realty Corp.DRE18.5320.14-0.63 ▼1-3.35%
Dril-Quip, Inc.DRQ67.6170.50-5.83 ▲108.06%
DST Systems Inc.DST104.03116.99-6.54 ▼52.89%
DeVry, Inc.DV27.3434.28-5.47 ▼3437.62%
DreamWorks Animation SKGDWA20.2925.09-5.50 ▼416.19%
Brinker InternationalEAT54.2458.45-1.47 ▼34.25%
Energen Corp.EGN50.3763.01-6.41 ▼821.79%
Endurance Specialty HoldingsENH64.0663.294.06 ▼5919.87%
Energizer HoldingsENR41.6235.725.78 ▼4434.48%
Equity One Inc.EQY24.0125.580.42 ▼00.00%Sell
Esterline TechnologiesESL81.1596.26-7.00 ▼1926.63%
Eaton Vance Corp.EV35.0340.18-3.89 ▼1614.23%
East West BancorpEWBC40.3643.87-0.18 ▼1-2.13%
Eagle Materials Inc.EXP80.3376.52-0.73 ▲2-3.44%
Extra Space StorageEXR74.1367.767.05 ▲4640.00%
First American FinancialFAF38.8236.556.49 ▼4432.85%pP
Fortune Brands Home & SecurityFBHS48.3445.263.13 ▼54.52%
FTI Consulting, Inc.FCN39.9541.36-0.48 ▼3-0.58%
Fairchild Semiconductor IntlFCS13.7117.55-7.88 ▼922.80%
FactSet Research SystemsFDS160.25155.621.65 ▼4427.22%
FEI CompanyFEIC75.7282.74-0.40 ▼1-2.26%
First Horizon NationalFHN14.4315.461.24 ▼1-6.49%
Fair Isaac Corp.FICO86.0489.40-0.56 ▼1-9.13%
Federated InvestorsFII31.0834.13-2.40 ▼85.13%
Foot Locker, Inc.FL71.6265.206.48 ▼2728.56%
Flowers Foods, Inc.FLO22.8021.212.22 ▲2-4.76%
FirstMeritFMER17.8119.90-4.00 ▼44.81%
First Niagara Financial GroupFNFG9.159.071.54 ▼295.66%
Federal Realty Investment TrusFRT132.70137.750.11 ▼172.55%
Fortinet Inc.FTNT42.9637.166.66 ▼4468.27%
Fulton FinancialFULT12.0813.07-0.66 ▼1-1.51%
Greif, Inc.GEF29.1936.98-7.21 ▲5744.13%
Guess' Inc.GES22.5419.653.94 ▼1213.27%
Graco Inc.GGG68.3872.47-1.83 ▼329.94%
Graham Holdings Co.GHC654.90631.222.12 ▼4447.93%
GATX Corp.GMT49.3454.33-4.87 ▼2414.00%
Gentex Corp.GNTX15.5316.91-4.51 ▼84.31%
Global Payments Inc.GPN112.47102.106.25 ▼108134.12%pP
Gulfport EnergyGPOR35.0442.18-5.49 ▲1319.96%
Granite ConstructionGVA34.3135.78-3.07 ▼5-3.72%
Genesee & WyomingGWR69.7781.63-6.70 ▲1925.03%
Great Plains EnergyGXP25.2726.451.39 ▲00.00%Sell
Hain Celestial GroupHAIN62.1966.260.73 ▼1-12.91%
Hancock Holding Co.HBHC27.4030.17-2.81 ▼65.39%
HCC Insurance HoldingsHCC77.2365.9310.00 ▲7770.00%
Hawaiian Electric IndustriesHE28.6931.39-2.19 ▼166.91%
HollyFrontierHFC46.8443.896.05 ▼1611.15%pP
Huntington Ingalls IndustriesHII113.57123.65-2.98 ▲164.20%
Highwoods PropertiesHIW38.9742.83-1.98 ▼179.69%
Helix Energy Solutions GroupHLX6.5012.32-8.04 ▼3971.16%
Home Properties Inc.HME74.2871.851.47 ▲233.76%
HNI Corp.HNI46.0350.97-2.30 ▼55.07%
Health Net, Inc.HNT64.8060.154.27 ▼1613.01%
Hologic Inc.HOLX39.7634.298.23 ▼4348.19%
Hospitality Properties TrustHPT26.2029.74-4.99 ▼1713.62%
Hill-Rom HoldingsHRC53.3051.181.42 ▼6735.42%
HSN, Inc.HSNI62.3868.97-2.61 ▼33.91%
Hubbell Inc.HUB.B98.54107.62-4.68 ▼139.31%
Halyard HealthHYH31.8141.34-7.83 ▼1524.75%
International BancsharesIBOC25.1527.080.03 ▼00.00%Sell
IdaCorp, Inc.IDA60.1959.123.01 ▲4-2.68%
InterDigital, Inc.IDCC49.4654.86-4.44 ▼48.49%
Integrated Device TechnologyIDTI19.0921.18-3.82 ▼75.50%
IDEXX LaboratoriesIDXX73.2168.363.87 ▲40.03%
IDEX CorporationIEX71.6376.91-3.96 ▼53.01%
Ingram Micro Inc.IM26.6325.060.21 ▲4-1.84%
IngredionINGR86.1081.966.13 ▼166.42%pP
World Fuel ServicesINT38.4249.30-8.09 ▼1323.28%
IPG Photonics CorpIPGP85.8891.60-1.21 ▲1-8.67%
International SpeedwayISCA31.9735.63-5.16 ▼88.29%
Intersil CorporationISIL10.6113.13-6.62 ▼1721.70%
Gartner Inc.IT86.8084.461.58 ▼272.84%
ITT CorporationITT36.7240.21-4.65 ▼75.87%
Jack in the Box Inc.JACK81.7789.39-1.31 ▼1-13.85%
Jarden Corp.JAH52.3453.700.81 ▼1-7.85%
Jabil Circuit Inc.JBL19.4722.36-7.98 ▲1014.79%
JetBlue AirwaysJBLU22.3019.204.49 ▼4393.91%
J. C. Penney CompanyJCP8.948.00-0.41 ▼2811.06%
Jack Henry & AssociatesJKHY68.7865.763.70 ▼4314.77%pP
Jones Lang LasalleJLL152.73169.90-0.02 ▼11.86%
Janus Capital GroupJNS15.1016.90-4.17 ▼57.25%
John Wiley & SonsJW.A52.0556.56-5.81 ▲1910.52%spBuy
Kate Spade & Co.KATE18.8825.30-6.33 ▲1634.06%
KB HomeKBH14.4315.97-0.56 ▼00.00%Sell
KBR, Inc.KBR17.2518.75-1.54 ▼63.52%
Kirby CorporationKEX70.4880.36-4.69 ▼4631.86%
Keysight TechnologiesKEYS31.9233.18-3.50 ▲178.09%
KLX Inc.KLXI39.1442.16-4.20 ▼50.20%
Kemper CorporationKMPR35.8038.44-0.78 ▼1-3.44%
Kennametal Inc.KMT29.7634.05-5.75 ▼811.16%
Knowles Corp.KN16.2819.09-2.78 ▼4839.44%
Kilroy Realty Corp.KRC65.9972.13-0.14 ▼00.00%Sell
Lamar Advertising Co.LAMR54.1558.65-3.24 ▼32.40%
Lancaster ColonyLANC95.7490.572.43 ▲42.70%
Leidos HoldingsLDOS42.4440.771.14 ▲3-5.06%
Lincoln Electric HoldingsLECO58.4362.98-4.12 ▲1110.77%
LaSalle Hotel PropertiesLHO32.1136.53-5.44 ▼2014.96%
Lennox InternationalLII119.68108.036.75 ▲4436.81%
LKQ Corp.LKQ29.9328.473.73 ▼177.55%
Alliant EnergyLNT57.8061.900.10 ▼254.13%
Lifepoint HospitalsLPNT80.0977.822.00 ▼2611.69%
Liberty Property TrustLPT31.4634.92-2.48 ▼2510.55%
Louisiana-PacificLPX16.3716.81-2.39 ▲70.79%
Landstar System Inc.LSTR66.0669.471.72 ▼00.00%Sell
Lexmark InternationalLXK29.9740.29-8.33 ▼510.03%
Live Nation EntertainmentLYV24.8027.11-4.20 ▼53.54%
Mid-America Apartment CommunitMAA80.6376.364.32 ▲231.31%
ManpowerGroupMAN87.0984.622.32 ▼3019.48%
Manhattan AssociatesMANH59.5154.104.72 ▼4981.32%
Mercury GeneralMCY51.3256.16-2.10 ▼36.66%
MEDNAX, Inc.MD81.5774.228.60 ▼4330.51%pP
MDC Holdings Inc.MDC28.2727.610.62 ▼283.63%
Meredith Corp.MDP46.7950.86-6.58 ▼168.81%
Allscripts Healthcare SolutionMDRX13.8013.350.90 ▼173.37%
MDU Resources GroupMDU17.9920.42-4.39 ▼5642.76%
Mentor GraphicsMENT25.6724.64-0.31 ▼4219.17%
Herman Miller Inc.MLHR26.9929.10-1.03 ▼52.81%
MAXIMUS, Inc.MMS62.1264.33-2.02 ▼3-3.46%
Molina HealthcareMOH76.2766.564.98 ▼5372.75%pP
Mine Safety Appliances Co.MSA45.2949.51-0.37 ▼1-6.27%
MSCI Inc.MSCI62.1660.092.72 ▼4231.36%
MSC Industrial Direct Co.MSM67.4572.35-1.41 ▼4821.67%
Mettler-Toledo IntlMTD300.20331.78-2.10 ▼1-7.00%
Minerals TechnologiesMTX53.7765.95-5.47 ▼1320.52%
Murphy USA Inc.MUSA50.2560.88-7.84 ▼1615.91%
National InstrumentsNATI29.2630.04-2.32 ▲17-2.88%
Nabors IndustriesNBR11.4014.72-5.61 ▼5052.72%
NCR Corp.NCR25.1629.53-3.89 ▼48.84%
Nordson CorporationNDSN66.7477.67-6.82 ▼813.67%
Noble Corp.NE12.8214.89-4.50 ▲5652.80%spBuy
NewMarket Corp.NEU388.12445.17-7.71 ▼42.66%
National Fuel Gas Co.NFG54.3759.77-6.00 ▲1212.95%
National Retail PropertiesNNN35.8338.12-1.28 ▼177.70%
NeuStar, Inc.NSR28.2129.690.72 ▼1-7.80%
NetScout SystemsNTCT36.9540.68-0.58 ▼00.00%Sell
NVR Inc.NVR1509.851373.436.69 ▲5633.32%
New York Community BancorpNYCB17.6417.241.22 ▼2910.60%
New York Times Co.NYT12.3313.56-3.30 ▼77.36%
Orbital ATK Inc.OA75.8368.290.96 ▼3233.67%pP
Old Dominion Freight LineODFL67.3872.21-0.41 ▼1-4.55%
Office Depot, Inc.ODP7.828.63-6.53 ▼65.90%
Corporate Office Properties TrOFC21.6726.21-7.06 ▼1923.89%
OGE Energy Corp.OGE28.4330.79-1.62 ▲00.00%Sell
ONE Gas, Inc.OGS43.0342.261.88 ▼4418.96%
Omega Healthcare InvestorsOHI34.3537.11-0.77 ▼2011.65%
Oceaneering InternationalOII43.2548.75-6.21 ▲1819.61%
Oil States InternationalOIS27.2537.94-7.80 ▼4754.20%
Olin Corp.OLN19.7927.17-8.54 ▼1029.45%
Owens & Minor Inc.OMI34.0034.820.84 ▼1-5.79%
Old Republic InternationalORI15.7215.443.37 ▼275.37%
Oshkosh CorporationOSK42.0545.00-7.08 ▲108.83%
Bank of the OzarksOZRK41.6543.72-0.69 ▼1-7.35%
PacWest BancorpPACW42.2946.75-1.63 ▼1-3.47%
VeriFone Systems, IncPAY31.7634.57-4.64 ▼85.05%
Prosperity BancsharesPB51.6455.86-1.98 ▼1-5.76%
Potlatch CorporationPCH33.5936.48-3.10 ▼3015.01%
Polaris IndustriesPII131.22144.42-3.79 ▼55.48%
Packaging Corp. of AmericaPKG67.4872.790.22 ▲00.00%Sell
Polycom, Inc.PLCM10.7912.03-5.43 ▲1914.37%
Plantronics, Inc.PLT53.4556.64-0.67 ▼1-4.72%
PNM Resources, Inc.PNM25.9727.230.94 ▲00.00%Sell
Panera Bread Co.PNRA180.56179.063.61 ▼19-1.38%
PolyOne CorporationPOL32.4636.79-6.31 ▼714.83%
Post Holdings, Inc.POST66.0650.158.87 ▲1143.39%
Primerica, Inc.PRI42.3046.73-3.35 ▼2216.68%
PAREXEL InternationalPRXL67.4964.320.98 ▲3313.70%
PTC Inc.PTC34.1538.80-5.53 ▼45.87%
Patterson-UTI EnergyPTEN15.6720.00-4.35 ▼1021.26%
QEP Resources, Inc.QEP13.7017.71-6.87 ▼5056.76%
Rackspace HostingRAX31.2640.84-8.21 ▲1529.26%
Regal BeloitRBC66.2273.72-4.93 ▲1012.64%
Rent-A-Center Inc.RCII26.6529.66-3.74 ▼83.72%
Rowan CompaniesRDC17.8120.14-4.69 ▲1013.96%
Everest Re GroupRE174.93185.74-0.57 ▼1-0.73%
Regency CentersREG60.8864.02-0.64 ▼133.66%
Reinsurance Group of AmericaRGA91.6395.730.05 ▼1-3.61%
Royal Gold, Inc.RGLD48.9460.46-5.39 ▼2523.04%
Raymond James FinancialRJF53.4559.20-2.42 ▼1-5.84%
ResMed Inc.RMD52.4759.95-4.55 ▼155.93%
RenaissanceRe HoldingsRNR101.88105.881.53 ▼00.00%Sell
Rollins Inc.ROL28.0126.257.15 ▼4332.92%
Rovi CorporationROVI10.9816.47-7.70 ▼2240.68%
RPM InternationalRPM44.2848.09-4.30 ▼78.72%
R.R. Donnelley & SonsRRD15.7818.22-5.76 ▼912.77%
Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co.RS57.7762.55-2.72 ▼74.10%
Rayonier Inc.RYN23.2625.73-4.99 ▼5630.26%
Science Applications IntlSAIC49.2353.04-1.61 ▼1-7.40%
Boston Beer Co. Inc.SAM208.42252.80-5.11 ▼2621.94%
Signature BankSBNY133.05142.21-0.03 ▼1-3.82%
Service Corp. IntlSCI30.2726.955.72 ▼4439.75%
SEI Investments Co.SEIC51.2246.848.02 ▼4439.79%
Stifel FinancialSF47.0755.23-3.82 ▼314.37%
StanCorp Financial GroupSFG113.9082.4910.00 ▲2366.16%
Sirona Dental SystemsSIRO96.2595.111.82 ▼4220.64%
SVB Financial GroupSIVB124.94139.69-0.62 ▼1-10.54%
Tanger Factory Outlet CentersSKT32.3134.07-2.15 ▲268.78%
Skechers USA Inc.SKX141.98107.9110.00 ▲80299.83%
Silicon LaboratoriesSLAB43.2951.16-7.48 ▼512.69%
Silgan Holdings Inc.SLGN52.5255.02-1.52 ▼00.00%Sell
Solera Holdings Inc.SLH47.7448.15-3.53 ▲5624.23%
SLM CorporationSLM8.549.72-5.77 ▼58.96%
SM Energy CompanySM34.7345.68-5.20 ▲1123.97%
Scotts Co.SMG63.0761.411.11 ▲3-4.60%
Senior Housing Properties TrusSNH16.0019.17-7.56 ▼2025.55%
Synopsys Inc.SNPS47.1049.720.55 ▼1-4.39%
Synovus FinancialSNV30.0929.343.07 ▼299.46%
Sonoco Products Co.SON39.3243.76-5.38 ▼88.66%
Superior Energy ServicesSPN15.4021.29-6.64 ▼1130.88%
SPX CorporationSPW58.8174.15-6.93 ▼4837.85%
Sovran Self StorageSSS91.7089.943.95 ▼7-1.70%
Steris Corp.STE64.6967.600.14 ▼1-6.38%
Steel Dynamics Inc.STLD19.6121.31-1.95 ▼70.96%
Questar CorporationSTR19.6322.13-3.67 ▼2817.41%
SunEdison, Inc.SUNE10.3025.66-8.09 ▼559.78%
SUPERVALU Inc.SVU8.259.23-1.54 ▲177.20%
SolarWinds, Inc.SWI40.7345.44-6.15 ▲1314.70%
Sensient TechnologiesSXT65.3664.59-0.61 ▼4311.16%
Synaptics Inc.SYNA71.0185.41-5.87 ▼510.33%
TCF FinancialTCB15.3516.53-0.68 ▼1-4.14%
Taubman Centers Inc.TCO70.3175.03-0.64 ▼10.79%
Telephone & Data SystemsTDS28.5327.940.30 ▼4-3.19%
Teledyne TechnologiesTDY98.61105.61-1.87 ▼1-1.71%
Tech Data Corp.TECD64.4057.170.23 ▲17.21%
Techne Corp.TECH96.00103.042.66 ▼00.00%Sell
Teradyne Inc.TER18.0219.61-3.74 ▼97.16%
Terex Corp.TEX22.9225.34-2.77 ▲1-11.91%
TeleflexTFX132.49132.671.66 ▼1-7.88%
Triumph Group, Inc.TGI49.2961.77-7.70 ▼516.73%
Hanover Insurance GroupTHG78.3174.387.31 ▼4422.91%
Thor Industries Inc.THO54.2358.78-4.26 ▲125.54%
Thoratec Corp.THOR62.5944.6010.00 ▲41106.70%
Treehouse FoodsTHS79.4680.830.97 ▼1-7.38%
Time Inc.TIME20.6623.05-3.18 ▼56.56%
Timken Co.TKR31.3536.87-8.20 ▼4826.72%
Toll Brothers Inc.TOL36.6439.021.56 ▼00.00%Sell
TRI Pointe GroupTPH13.7215.30-0.86 ▼55.05%
Tempur Pedic InternationalTPX73.4763.478.31 ▼2627.75%pP
Tootsie Roll IndustriesTR31.4532.46-0.29 ▼1-4.73%
Trimble NavigationTRMB18.8223.00-5.94 ▼6046.06%
TrustmarkTRMK22.8024.59-1.95 ▼1-0.89%
Trinity IndustriesTRN26.7530.35-2.60 ▲186.99%
Tupperware BrandsTUP51.2763.41-8.19 ▼1822.81%
Towers Watson & Co.TW120.22131.20-4.00 ▼53.29%
Tyler TechnologiesTYL138.88125.165.00 ▼6256.17%
UDR, Inc.UDR32.8132.401.94 ▼10-1.62%
Urban Edge ProeprtiesUE21.3322.96-1.08 ▲61.07%
Domtar CorporationUFS39.9842.55-3.61 ▼82.70%
UGI Corp.UGI34.4636.15-0.39 ▼1-4.17%
Ultimate Software GroupULTI178.90167.414.47 ▼64.01%
Umpqua HoldingsUMPQ16.4617.92-2.02 ▼36.16%
United Natural FoodsUNFI48.2365.58-9.17 ▼1930.84%
United TherapeuticsUTHR160.48170.63-2.73 ▼1-13.09%
Valspar Corp.VAL74.2083.78-2.73 ▼69.02%
Valley National BancorpVLY9.4010.11-1.07 ▼1-1.29%
Valmont IndustriesVMI105.87119.14-6.23 ▼5929.00%
Vishay IntertechnologyVSH9.9012.17-7.38 ▼2226.56%
Vista OutdoorVSTO48.4142.931.69 ▲31.34%
Vectren CorporationVVC40.9740.500.14 ▲2-3.65%
Westinghouse Air Brake TechnolWAB96.9898.92-0.24 ▼1-8.61%
Washington FederalWAFD22.4622.250.75 ▼243.08%
Webster FinancialWBS35.3438.45-1.30 ▼1-4.19%
WellCare Health PlansWCG91.3881.830.68 ▲18.71%
Waste ConnectionsWCN47.4649.071.37 ▼00.00%Sell
Waddell & Reed FinancialWDR39.1646.69-5.01 ▼1617.23%
Wendy's CompanyWEN9.2210.57-5.57 ▼712.02%
Werner EnterprisesWERN26.5428.71-0.77 ▼172.96%
WisdomTree InvestmentsWETF19.6722.581.55 ▼1-6.32%
Winland ElectronicsWEX95.52109.49-6.35 ▼612.39%
WGL Holdings Inc.WGL54.7853.940.67 ▲5430.06%
Western RefiningWNR43.2346.940.47 ▼1-7.03%
VCA Antech Inc.WOOF56.2451.894.04 ▼6674.60%
Worthington IndustriesWOR25.2928.75-1.61 ▼52.24%
Washington Prime GroupWPG12.7314.78-4.58 ▼2824.63%
WPX Energy, Inc.WPX7.0611.26-5.83 ▼836.91%
Westar Energy, Inc.WR37.0836.342.91 ▲4-1.72%
W.R. BerkleyWRB54.5052.776.74 ▼116.86%
Weingarten Realty InvestorsWRI32.5034.940.67 ▼00.00%Sell
Williams-Sonoma Inc.WSM75.8182.782.86 ▼00.00%Sell
Watsco Inc.WSO122.46118.582.06 ▼4427.81%
West Pharmaceutical ServicesWST56.8658.751.93 ▼1-5.32%
Aqua America Inc.WTR25.6425.330.18 ▲2-3.14%
WhiteWave Foods Co.WWAV46.7947.540.84 ▼1-20.04%
Woodward, Inc.WWD44.8351.15-4.22 ▼54.74%
US Steel CorpX16.7823.23-4.42 ▲3847.26%
Alleghany Corp.Y471.66490.220.54 ▼00.00%Sell
Zebra TechnologiesZBRA83.42100.29-4.13 ▼25.78%

S&P 600 stocks (Small Caps)   [Top] [Dow] [Nasdaq100] [ETF] [S&P500] [S&P400] [Info] [FAQ]

Weekly reversal levels as of the close on August 28, 2015
Name     Close    Trend    RevL (W)MoM (W)    Weeks    P/L %    Action    
AAON Inc.AAON20.5123.16-2.33 ▼56.98%
American Assets TrustAAT39.4241.500.58 ▼00.00%Sell
Atlas Air Worldwide HoldingsAAWW41.5750.26-5.02 ▼39.08%
Abaxis Inc.ABAX47.8954.38-4.43 ▼1714.33%
ABM Industries Inc.ABM31.9231.371.18 ▼4316.21%
Abiomed Inc.ABMD98.2366.1610.00 ▲43218.31%
Arctic Cat Inc.ACAT26.5532.97-5.05 ▼1517.29%
Aceto Corp.ACET22.7624.840.95 ▼00.00%Sell
Acorda TherapeuticsACOR32.7334.69-0.57 ▼289.59%
Agree Realty Corp.ADC28.8031.20-1.44 ▼177.63%
ADTRAN Inc.ADTN15.7017.92-2.98 ▼2524.01%
Aegion CorporationAEGN18.2817.670.42 ▼4-7.16%
Advanced Energy IndustriesAEIS24.4226.86-2.17 ▼1-3.87%
American Equity Investment LifAEL24.7427.92-0.65 ▼37.41%
Astoria FinancialAF16.0014.128.89 ▲2821.03%
Almost Family Inc.AFAM45.4339.524.49 ▼5577.32%pP
Affymetrix Inc.AFFX9.4811.46-5.33 ▼913.27%
Agilysys Inc.AGYS10.219.18-0.10 ▲00.00%Buy
AMN Healthcare ServicesAHS33.9026.078.68 ▼56145.65%pP
Albany InternationalAIN31.4438.54-7.73 ▼513.70%
AAR Corp.AIR24.3929.48-5.92 ▼511.25%
Air Methods Corp.AIRM37.8643.53-3.15 ▼1715.55%
Applied Industrial TechnologieAIT41.8239.42-2.81 ▲00.00%Buy
Aerojet RocketdyneAJRD20.6021.922.06 ▼1-4.62%
Acadia Realty TrustAKR30.0832.270.37 ▼00.00%Sell
AK Steel HoldingAKS2.994.39-5.34 ▲1035.00%
ALLETE, Inc.ALE47.8051.110.36 ▲00.00%Sell
Allegiant TravelALGT208.41178.378.82 ▼1015.12%
Analogic CorporationALOG80.2783.99-1.78 ▲11-0.03%
Amedisys Inc.AMED39.0935.188.16 ▼1639.36%
Albany Molecular ResearchAMRI20.6018.861.87 ▼247.97%
Amerisafe, Inc.AMSF46.9145.544.24 ▼223.51%
AmSurg Corp.AMSG80.0665.528.24 ▼3650.43%pP
American WoodmarkAMWD66.5555.048.26 ▼5374.72%pP
The Andersons, Inc.ANDE35.2043.23-4.54 ▼4235.54%
AngioDynamics Inc.ANGO14.6717.03-4.04 ▼2010.82%
Anika TherapeuticsANIK35.9434.160.76 ▲4-4.80%
ANI PharmaceuticalsANIP52.0062.04-1.10 ▼34.64%
American Public EducationAPEI22.3627.88-4.24 ▼2630.04%
Apogee EnterprisesAPOG50.8254.34-0.62 ▼00.00%Sell
ArcBest Corp.ARCB29.0435.05-3.17 ▼3022.56%
Approach ResourcesAREX2.175.80-4.85 ▼5588.02%
American Science & EngineeringASEI39.0345.36-1.86 ▼2520.36%
On Assignment Inc.ASGN35.7238.59-0.09 ▼00.00%Sell
Astec IndustriesASTE37.1241.50-3.77 ▼77.85%
Atlantic Tele-NetworkATNI71.8968.302.87 ▲61.38%
Actuant CorporationATU20.8623.72-3.12 ▼6239.15%
Avista Corp.AVA31.7033.061.66 ▲00.00%Sell
AeroVironment, Inc.AVAV24.0827.06-1.88 ▼47.74%
American VanguardAVD13.0313.30-2.18 ▼3-14.40%
American States WaterAWR37.9037.330.02 ▼6-3.76%
Anixter InternationalAXE62.1169.40-4.51 ▼3219.85%
AZZ IncorporatedAZZ49.5548.451.93 ▼278.05%
Barnes Group Inc.B38.7038.40-0.62 ▼2-6.32%
Natus Medical Inc.BABY41.4038.123.07 ▼108200.65%
Banner CorporationBANR43.6747.37-0.14 ▼00.00%Sell
Basic Energy ServicesBAS4.708.48-4.39 ▼5179.76%
BBCN Bancorp, Inc.BBCN14.4115.141.62 ▼00.00%Sell
Bill Barrett Corp.BBG5.058.39-4.42 ▼5879.52%
Black Box Corp.BBOX15.0719.13-6.55 ▼724.04%
Boise CascadeBCC32.0735.25-4.11 ▼77.04%
Bonanza Creek EnergyBCEI6.6917.88-5.99 ▼4787.05%
Brinks Co.BCO28.7228.23-0.99 ▼2915.11%
Blucora, Inc.BCOR13.8115.23-4.79 ▼40.79%
Balchem Corp.BCPC58.2355.610.38 ▲3-6.11%
Bel Fuse Inc.BELFB17.9722.04-1.61 ▼29.70%
Saul Centers Inc.BFS50.0052.97-0.36 ▼207.12%
General Cable Corp.BGC14.7417.84-5.11 ▼59.13%
Big 5 Sporting GoodsBGFV11.1013.30-5.85 ▼4-1.46%
Briggs & StrattonBGG19.8918.62-0.30 ▲2-0.15%
B&G Foods Inc.BGS30.5128.94-0.20 ▲00.00%Buy
Biglari HoldingsBH379.96415.171.46 ▼10.01%
Benchmark ElectronicsBHE21.4222.74-3.28 ▲138.46%
BJ's RestaurantsBJRI44.2649.30-0.99 ▼24.30%
Buckle Inc.BKE42.5946.07-3.02 ▼199.67%
Bank MutualBKMU7.207.03-0.42 ▼5210.26%
Barnes & Noble, Inc.BKS15.6717.101.66 ▼00.00%Sell
Blackbaud Inc.BLKB57.8652.525.77 ▼6668.05%
Badger Meter Inc.BMI58.0061.86-2.92 ▼5-4.85%
Bob Evans Farms Inc.BOBE43.6049.18-1.55 ▼38.88%
BofI Holding Inc.BOFI117.62103.489.67 ▼4352.71%pP
Boston Private Financial HoldiBPFH11.7912.94-2.12 ▼45.91%
Brady Corp.BRC21.6725.43-4.75 ▼1415.22%
Brookline BancorpBRKL10.5110.98-0.23 ▼00.00%Sell
Brooks AutomationBRKS10.4111.64-2.77 ▼5-0.10%
Bristow Group, Inc.BRS35.5252.19-8.08 ▼3944.03%
BTH5.677.38-5.21 ▼2528.72%
Boyd Gaming Corp.BYD16.4914.915.59 ▼4342.89%
CACI InternationalCACI78.4785.42-2.92 ▼96.25%
Calares Inc.CAL33.2330.930.78 ▼258.12%
Cal-Maine FoodsCALM50.2547.100.66 ▼2227.51%
CalAmp Corp.CAMP16.5918.23-3.98 ▼98.55%
Cardtronics Inc.CATM34.6537.15-2.45 ▼7-0.20%
Cato Corp.CATO34.5139.30-3.55 ▼1510.69%
Cincinnati Bell Inc.CBB3.513.830.71 ▼00.00%Sell
Christopher & BanksCBK1.714.36-7.06 ▼1268.16%
Cambrex Corporation.CBM47.8639.614.92 ▼43126.61%
CIBER, Inc.CBR3.383.60-1.91 ▲7-2.74%
Community Bank SystemCBU35.4037.700.53 ▼1-3.12%
Calgon CarbonCCC16.1219.49-8.46 ▼1322.83%
Cabot MicroelectronicsCCMP43.5346.96-2.57 ▼176.00%
Cross Country HealthcareCCRN14.1411.775.24 ▲5474.14%
CDI Corp.CDI10.0112.93-5.54 ▼2528.60%
Cedar Realty TrustCDR6.357.00-1.09 ▼1710.18%
Career EducationCECO3.784.45-1.51 ▲3032.74%
Central Garden & Pet Co.CENTA12.5510.543.99 ▲310.96%
Century Aluminum Co.CENX5.5111.63-5.39 ▼2671.42%
CEVA Inc.CEVA19.1319.90-2.24 ▲7-3.07%
Cardinal FinancialCFNL21.8821.034.94 ▼2916.20%
Celadon GroupCGI19.1023.47-5.19 ▼1318.20%
City Holding Co.CHCO47.2546.550.43 ▼292.96%
Chemed Corp.CHE138.53129.408.62 ▼9384.04%
Chesapeake Lodging TrustCHSP29.6432.70-1.49 ▼259.99%
CIRCOR InternationalCIR44.3252.82-5.50 ▼3933.80%
Seacor Holdings Inc.CKH62.9867.75-4.71 ▼1310.12%
Checkpoint SystemsCKP7.9310.06-7.17 ▼2530.74%
Cloud Peak EnergyCLD4.375.03-5.11 ▲6176.09%
Calamos Asset ManagementCLMS10.6112.35-2.62 ▼2016.26%
Clearwater PaperCLW56.0159.77-2.50 ▲297.85%
Cantel Medical Corp.CMN49.9148.372.51 ▼6543.13%
Capstead MortgageCMO10.4711.58-6.73 ▼4816.44%
Comtech TelecommunicationsCMTL25.4429.82-2.74 ▼247.69%
CONMED CorporationCNMD53.7752.610.60 ▼4328.45%
Consolidated Communications HoCNSL19.7621.70-2.05 ▼3317.52%
Coherent Inc.COHR57.8362.37-3.70 ▼51.18%
Cohu, Inc.COHU9.6511.68-6.07 ▼40.21%
Columbia Banking SystemCOLB30.0531.861.74 ▼00.00%Sell
CoreSite RealtyCOR49.8045.742.94 ▼4443.09%pP
Central Pacific FinancialCPF20.4323.25-2.37 ▼1-0.94%
Capella Education Co.CPLA49.2056.75-4.22 ▼2824.62%
Computer Programs & SystemsCPSI45.6352.38-5.99 ▼4-0.42%
Crocs, Inc.CROX14.5213.651.11 ▼2016.91%
CARBO Ceramics Inc.CRR26.5939.76-4.43 ▼5678.38%
Cirrus Logic Inc.CRUS30.2132.07-4.08 ▼3-1.96%
CorVel CorporationCRVL30.9134.31-1.77 ▲1610.87%
CryoLife Inc.CRY9.9011.03-1.46 ▼35.80%
Carrizo Oil & GasCRZO35.3844.87-6.47 ▼821.38%
CSG InternationalCSGS31.1429.920.58 ▼295.99%
Cash America InternationalCSH25.9926.69-0.94 ▼2-4.00%
Constant Contact Inc.CTCT25.0430.73-4.68 ▼1710.12%
CareTrust REIT, Inc.CTRE11.3213.42-2.27 ▼377.82%
CTS CorporationCTS18.5918.220.56 ▼276.11%
Cubic CorporationCUB42.5747.98-5.62 ▼1914.04%
Cousins PropertiesCUZ9.4010.50-2.32 ▼55.81%
CVB Financial Corp.CVBF16.0217.360.69 ▼1-1.01%
Calavo Growers Inc.CVGW59.2350.302.25 ▲2528.57%
Curtiss-Wright Corp.CW65.8371.53-4.57 ▼77.80%
Cyberonics Inc.CYBX67.0059.390.33 ▲13.16%
Cynosure, Inc.CYNO31.4937.05-0.77 ▼28.11%
Daktronics Inc.DAKT8.6411.76-0.20 ▼00.00%Sell
Darling InternationalDAR12.7514.63-5.13 ▲913.97%
Dime Community BancsharesDCOM17.0116.391.39 ▼298.62%
Deltic Timber Corp.DEL61.9866.78-2.02 ▼52.94%
DepoMed Inc.DEPO28.3824.018.33 ▼54120.17%
Digi InternationalDGII10.069.470.54 ▼3616.30%
Dice Holdings, Inc.DHX7.828.75-2.46 ▼42.01%
DineEquity, Inc.DIN97.19102.740.21 ▼1-1.10%
Diodes IncorporatedDIOD19.9324.72-7.42 ▼1423.32%
Diamond Foods, Inc.DMND29.7731.730.66 ▼00.00%Sell
Dorman ProductsDORM50.4247.812.21 ▼223.40%
Diamondrock Hospitality Co.DRH11.8313.51-3.96 ▼2215.86%
DSP Group Inc.DSPG8.5510.31-7.72 ▲1021.42%
DTS Inc.DTSI27.0730.95-4.72 ▼1110.13%
Drew Industries Inc.DW55.3958.87-1.71 ▼1-7.57%
DXP EnterprisesDXPE28.0142.24-6.29 ▼6757.46%
Dycom IndustriesDY71.1454.387.05 ▼39131.43%
Ebix Inc.EBIX28.2126.98-1.70 ▼4290.29%
Emergent BioSolutionsEBS34.6430.453.13 ▼4244.88%
Echo Global Logistics Inc.ECHO23.0130.50-4.59 ▼38.76%
US Ecology Inc.ECOL49.4246.181.12 ▲30.80%
Encore Capital GroupECPG40.1342.65-0.45 ▼2-0.55%
Education Realty Trust IncEDR29.8233.17-2.97 ▼1710.21%
El Paso Electric Co.EE35.9935.511.00 ▲2-4.84%
Electronics for ImagingEFII44.0942.631.89 ▼151.78%
8x8 Inc.EGHT7.848.80-1.46 ▼67.00%
Engility HoldingsEGL27.8227.31-0.79 ▲3-8.67%
NIC Inc.EGOV18.9017.432.89 ▲113.17%
EastGroup PropertiesEGP54.9459.23-0.46 ▼1-1.29%
eHealth, Inc.EHTH14.4212.752.69 ▼75.95%
Employers HoldingsEIG21.9724.480.82 ▼00.00%Sell
Callaway Golf Co.ELY8.879.28-1.94 ▲70.89%
EMCOR Group Inc.EME45.6047.750.31 ▼00.00%Sell
EnerSysENS52.5065.56-8.71 ▼620.39%
The Ensign GroupENSG47.2146.870.20 ▼6696.72%
Enanta Pharmaceuticals Inc.ENTA41.1839.630.95 ▼143.49%
EnovaENVA12.9519.04-6.80 ▼1535.25%
Bottomline TechnologiesEPAY26.9427.87-1.70 ▼2-3.86%
EPIQ Systems, Inc.EPIQ12.9416.61-5.70 ▼1323.79%
Entertainment Properties TrustEPR52.1057.83-2.50 ▼1710.20%
Era Group Inc.ERA16.1519.53-4.52 ▼1423.24%
ESCO TechnologiesESE36.1638.08-1.35 ▼1-6.26%
Electro Scientific IndustriesESIO4.435.63-5.19 ▼3236.53%
Essendant Inc.ESND34.4638.31-4.18 ▼1613.57%
Ethan Allen InteriorsETH29.5227.315.47 ▼75.35%
Evercore PartnersEVR52.8156.042.51 ▼00.00%Sell
ExamWorks GroupEXAM36.0238.77-4.23 ▲77.26%
Exar Corp.EXAR5.958.64-8.74 ▼836.97%
Exterran HoldingsEXH21.2530.70-7.68 ▼1532.43%
Exlservice HoldingsEXLS36.4734.472.79 ▼4330.67%
Exponent Inc.EXPO42.7142.44-0.60 ▼4414.07%
Express Inc.EXPR20.3917.082.08 ▼2424.71%
EZCORP, Inc.EZPW5.838.22-5.70 ▼3043.45%
FARO TechnologiesFARO38.0145.61-3.01 ▼1812.20%
First BancorpFBP3.455.32-8.51 ▼826.28%
First Commonwealth FinancialFCF8.749.39-1.25 ▼1-1.63%
First Cash Financial ServicesFCFS39.8345.95-6.93 ▼3728.18%
Franklin Electric Co.FELE29.2332.85-5.81 ▲1718.65%
FutureFuel Corp.FF10.0011.99-3.93 ▼510.23%
First Financial Bancorp.FFBC18.2817.893.25 ▼122.75%
First Financial BanksharesFFIN30.6732.281.47 ▼00.00%Sell
Finish Line Inc.FINL26.6125.751.50 ▼205.05%
Comfort Systems USAFIX27.6622.379.44 ▲4379.97%
First Midwest BancorpFMBI17.4318.620.04 ▼1-1.04%
FabrinetFN19.9718.140.58 ▲2612.83%
F.N.B. CorporationFNB12.4813.87-2.60 ▼37.28%
Financial EnginesFNGN33.2342.05-3.63 ▼317.19%
Forestar Group Inc.FOR12.8114.10-3.16 ▲4929.65%
Forrester ResearchFORR31.8835.41-4.10 ▼56.46%
Francesca's HoldingsFRAN11.1713.79-6.65 ▼1329.17%
Fred's, Inc.FRED13.0617.68-5.32 ▼315.03%
Franklin Street PropertiesFSP10.6211.93-2.56 ▼1710.53%
Federal Signal Corp.FSS13.9915.22-2.36 ▼178.74%
FTD Companies, Inc.FTD29.2730.860.49 ▼243.62%
Flotek IndustriesFTK18.3615.065.67 ▲57.49%
HB Fuller Co.FUL36.4541.10-3.91 ▼1712.67%
Forward Air Corp.FWRD45.0051.14-4.29 ▼52.81%
Greatbatch, Inc.GB57.0651.03-0.27 ▲00.00%Buy
Glacier Bancorp Inc.GBCI25.6628.14-1.25 ▼1-0.67%
Genesco Inc.GCO61.0567.59-3.70 ▼3216.83%
Green DotGDOT17.8118.722.99 ▼1-7.74%
GEO Group, Inc.GEO30.4138.01-5.75 ▼1721.40%
Geospace TechnologiesGEOS16.7120.75-3.60 ▼76.28%
Griffon CorporationGFF16.5015.821.58 ▼4335.02%
Greenhill & Co.GHL35.5340.37-2.69 ▼57.69%
Gulf Island FabricationGIFI12.4613.70-0.58 ▲3733.86%
G-III Apparel Group,GIII68.1460.143.59 ▼4162.35%
G&K Services Inc.GK67.5567.07-1.08 ▲2-5.71%
Gulfmark Offshore Inc.GLF8.2813.71-5.39 ▼5980.63%
PH Glatfelter Co.GLT18.0122.24-8.12 ▼1727.93%
General CommunicationGNCMA16.9916.382.69 ▼239.90%
Government Properties Income TGOV15.9319.42-8.53 ▼2029.17%
Group 1 AutomotiveGPI88.0592.012.04 ▼1-5.55%
Green Plains Renewable EnergyGPRE20.5528.28-5.72 ▼924.75%
Globe Specialty MetalsGSM13.4717.66-7.55 ▼925.62%
Chart Industries Inc.GTLS24.3635.56-5.66 ▼9575.98%
Getty Realty Corp.GTY15.9017.19-2.29 ▼2010.52%
Hawaiian HoldingsHA22.9121.94-0.02 ▼3-5.49%
Haemonetics Corp.HAE35.9540.97-3.93 ▼810.42%
Hanmi FinancialHAFC24.1323.264.64 ▼2114.74%
Haynes InternationalHAYN38.3146.36-4.77 ▼57.64%
HCI Group, Inc.HCI38.2944.77-2.22 ▼2211.18%
Healthcare Services GroupHCSG33.3232.003.60 ▼113.93%
Helen of TroyHELE85.5682.93-0.10 ▼4443.46%
HFF, Inc.HF36.9541.76-0.79 ▼1-2.50%
Hanger Orthopedic GroupHGR17.8322.38-4.66 ▼619.94%
Harte-Hanks Inc.HHS4.046.26-8.28 ▼1736.88%
Hillenbrand, Inc.HI26.8930.56-3.25 ▼77.97%
Hibbett Sports, Inc.HIBB38.8746.44-4.95 ▼1717.61%
Harmonic Inc.HLIT5.796.79-6.10 ▼1716.69%
Horace Mann EducatorsHMN33.2735.39-1.88 ▼22.61%
HMS Holdings Corp.HMSY10.4715.59-8.15 ▼835.33%
Home BancsharesHOMB37.9736.106.60 ▼2919.93%
Hornbeck Offshore ServicesHOS18.9421.68-2.47 ▲5954.91%
Heartland Payment SystemsHPY60.3153.636.66 ▼1715.03%pP
HealthEquity Inc.HQY29.5127.253.99 ▼2532.63%
Healthcare Realty TrustHR23.4225.26-1.37 ▲1911.32%
Harsco CorporationHSC11.2615.84-7.18 ▼628.05%
Heidrick & Struggles IntlHSII19.6224.19-6.73 ▼49.92%
Healthstream Inc.HSTM25.3628.93-3.42 ▼49.65%
Heartland ExpressHTLD20.5522.61-1.70 ▲2515.43%
Hub Group Inc.HUBG37.0641.90-1.18 ▼11.07%
Haverty Furniture CompaniesHVT23.0122.081.64 ▲2-0.61%
Headwaters Inc.HW20.1317.353.00 ▼4358.38%pP
Healthways Inc.HWAY11.9516.06-5.99 ▲1832.33%
Hawkins Inc.HWKN37.3340.28-3.01 ▼5-8.23%
Marinemax Inc.HZO16.3421.79-6.74 ▼826.83%
Integra LifeSciences HoldingsIART60.7956.902.03 ▼3732.34%
Interactive Brokers GroupIBKR40.2836.723.71 ▼134185.41%
Iconix Brand GroupICON13.5224.44-8.50 ▼5467.21%
ICU Medical, Inc.ICUI113.9292.858.38 ▲5479.60%
Interval Leisure GroupIILG19.9723.51-6.28 ▼1018.59%
II-VI Inc.IIVI16.8918.17-2.17 ▼51.05%
Independent BankINDB44.5047.442.02 ▼00.00%Sell
Inogen Inc.INGN49.7838.177.25 ▲54162.69%
Interactive IntelligenceININ36.1543.77-3.75 ▼511.83%
Summit Hotel PropertiesINN12.3113.35-2.63 ▼30.97%
ION GeophysicalIO0.531.50-6.33 ▲5685.79%
Innospec Inc.IOSP48.1743.551.39 ▲24.63%
Inter Parfums Inc.IPAR25.6331.99-4.43 ▼514.20%
Infinity Property and CasualtyIPCC77.3175.431.81 ▲90.47%
IPC The Hospitalist CompanyIPCM79.4458.2510.00 ▲2472.40%
Innophos Holdings IncIPHS48.2452.92-2.99 ▼177.48%
Intrepid PotashIPI7.8310.43-7.15 ▼3843.63%
Impax LaboratoriesIPXL42.4045.89-0.51 ▼00.00%Sell
iRobot CorporationIRBT29.2932.31-2.61 ▼3310.65%
Inland Real EstateIRC8.6610.15-4.29 ▼1917.68%
Iridium CommunicationsIRDM7.189.05-8.32 ▼925.90%
Investment Technology GroupITG16.2024.05-8.48 ▼1034.91%
Itron, Inc.ITRI30.0334.95-4.15 ▲3220.03%
Invacare CorporationIVC17.6420.14-6.75 ▼5-0.46%
John Bean TechnologiesJBT33.7537.02-2.08 ▼54.04%
j2 Global, Inc.JCOM69.7166.432.69 ▼4329.40%pP
J&J Snack FoodsJJSF114.72108.503.42 ▼227.22%
Kaiser AluminumKALU83.2479.501.78 ▼2710.28%
Kaman CorporationKAMN38.7241.47-4.76 ▼52.76%
Kelly Services, Inc.KELYA14.2015.95-3.82 ▼138.74%
Korn/Ferry InternationalKFY33.5331.891.66 ▼3614.48%
Kirkland's Inc.KIRK22.6226.51-1.09 ▼1-7.77%
Kulicke and Soffa IndustriesKLIC10.5613.03-8.49 ▲1621.78%
Kindred HealthcareKND20.6322.32-1.05 ▲00.00%Sell
Knight TransportationKNX27.4329.08-2.62 ▲177.17%
Koppers HoldingsKOP20.0423.78-4.01 ▼52.67%
Kopin Corp.KOPN3.063.44-4.41 ▲2213.07%
Kraton Performance PolymersKRA20.6822.68-2.45 ▼4-1.22%
Kite Realty Group TrustKRG23.9927.03-2.20 ▼2512.03%
KapStone Paper and PackagingKS21.7926.61-5.46 ▼1926.14%
Quaker ChemicalKWR79.9288.720.27 ▼00.00%Sell
Lithia Motors Inc.LAD107.40101.402.03 ▼3726.35%
Lannett CompanyLCI49.8759.11-2.42 ▼168.66%
Lydall Inc.LDL27.4929.81-0.72 ▼33.98%
Landauer Inc.LDR37.8834.793.27 ▲127.25%
Littelfuse Inc.LFUS89.7895.00-2.91 ▼195.45%
Laclede Group Inc.LG52.9852.102.35 ▼150.32%
Ligand PharmaceuticalsLGND95.0482.271.66 ▼4164.43%
LHC Group, Inc.LHCG43.4636.857.96 ▼6089.53%pP
Lumber Liquidators HoldingsLL14.9325.05-4.28 ▲2660.98%
Luminex CorporationLMNX18.4617.033.50 ▼103.13%
Lumos Networks Corp.LMOS11.5515.01-4.29 ▼2427.36%
Snyder's-Lance, Inc.LNCE33.8031.334.49 ▲105.63%
Lindsay CorporationLNN76.1684.38-0.56 ▼1-5.40%
LogMeIn, Inc.LOGM64.5261.913.41 ▼4333.86%
LivePerson Inc.LPSN9.0710.16-2.03 ▼3219.09%
Liquidity ServicesLQDT7.369.62-3.88 ▼820.60%
LTC Properties Inc.LTC41.4543.980.61 ▼00.00%Sell
LegacyTexas Financial GroupLTXB27.6626.902.23 ▼2413.64%
Lexington Realty TrustLXP8.159.45-4.04 ▼2624.75%
LSB Industries Inc.LXU23.4538.51-8.42 ▼534.42%
La-Z-Boy Inc.LZB27.5325.58-0.44 ▲22.69%
ManTech InternationalMANT27.4630.48-2.04 ▼174.92%
Masimo CorporationMASI41.5134.317.96 ▼4364.07%
Matthews InternationalMATW50.6353.071.08 ▼00.00%Sell
Matson, Inc.MATX37.8041.42-1.97 ▼1-2.97%
MB Financial Inc.MBFI32.2834.030.25 ▼1-5.04%
Contango Oil & Gas Co.MCF8.9814.07-4.94 ▲6778.26%
Monarch Casino & ResortMCRI17.7519.65-2.57 ▼1-11.43%
The Marcus CorporationMCS19.6520.17-0.07 ▼1-8.62%
MedAssets Inc.MDAS21.2020.400.27 ▼202.96%
Medicines Co.MDCO33.6428.832.27 ▼1213.34%
Medidata SolutionsMDSO48.6754.83-1.72 ▼35.59%
MiMedx GroupMDXG9.6010.89-1.61 ▼30.21%
Medifast Inc.MED28.0031.18-4.01 ▼710.17%
Methode ElectronicsMEI26.7536.40-9.00 ▲1038.51%
Magellan Health ServicesMGLN57.2465.07-5.80 ▼514.47%
M/I Homes, Inc.MHO24.7222.821.27 ▼248.52%pP
Mobile Mini, Inc.MINI33.5439.18-4.79 ▼52.92%
MKS Instruments Inc.MKSI33.6236.47-3.15 ▼66.09%
MarketAxess HoldingsMKTX91.4584.963.91 ▼5357.02%
Mueller IndustriesMLI31.7434.62-5.17 ▼50.94%
Merit Medical SystemsMMSI22.6220.727.02 ▼4453.25%
Monro Muffler BrakeMNRO63.3160.421.48 ▼4319.03%
Momenta PharmaceuticalsMNTA20.3718.781.15 ▼2757.54%
Moog Inc.MOG.A63.0669.75-3.79 ▼1911.95%
Movado Group, Inc.MOV28.4925.12-3.39 ▲00.00%Buy
Medical Properties TrustMPW11.9113.69-4.67 ▼1714.69%
Monolithic Power SystemsMPWR48.4451.94-2.44 ▼70.80%
Mercury Computer SystemsMRCY15.8414.221.87 ▲36.17%
Marten Transport LtdMRTN18.7021.61-5.84 ▼99.66%
Microsemi Corp.MSCC31.9434.20-2.89 ▼51.27%
MicroStrategy Inc.MSTR200.99184.636.35 ▼4637.22%pP
Meritage HomesMTH41.7045.71-1.56 ▼32.34%
Materion CorporationMTRN31.1536.16-5.53 ▼87.87%
Matrix Service Co.MTRX20.0820.690.79 ▲16-7.15%
MTS Systems Corp.MTSC59.4067.42-4.18 ▼168.28%
Men's WearhouseMW56.6058.27-1.52 ▼1-5.87%
Monster WorldwideMWW7.046.165.08 ▲2816.36%
Myers IndustriesMYE13.9416.91-5.69 ▼55.30%
MYR GroupMYRG28.2530.04-1.13 ▼1-3.25%
NanometricsNANO13.8415.56-3.38 ▼50.58%
Navigators GroupNAVG75.3278.77-0.52 ▼00.00%Sell
NBT Bancorp, Inc.NBTB25.5325.412.19 ▼121.19%
Navigant ConsultingNCI15.8214.503.63 ▲106.03%
Neogen Corp.NEOG51.9648.655.78 ▼104.65%
Newport Corp.NEWP15.3217.92-6.49 ▼1217.81%
Northfield Bancorp Inc.NFBK14.8514.721.79 ▼14139.94%
Blue Nile Inc.NILE34.3030.104.41 ▲911.55%
New Jersey ResourcesNJR28.3429.72-0.68 ▲163.87%
Nektar TherapeuticsNKTR10.8712.61-1.41 ▼75.07%
Northern Oil and GasNOG5.826.72-3.98 ▲4961.33%
Neenah Paper, Inc.NP57.4361.32-0.44 ▼80.42%
National Penn BancsharesNPBC12.0110.822.13 ▲12.83%
National Presto IndustriesNPK79.5569.817.18 ▼2330.13%
EnPro IndustriesNPO47.0558.05-8.23 ▼1724.42%
Newpark ResourcesNR7.048.55-4.63 ▲1524.54%spBuy
Insight EnterprisesNSIT25.8028.50-4.16 ▼55.01%
Insperity, Inc.NSP45.4449.52-3.25 ▼1-3.84%
Netgear Inc.NTGR30.1032.360.87 ▼1-5.10%
Nutrisystem, Inc.NTRI27.8223.448.44 ▼2550.46%pP
NuVasive, Inc.NUVA53.7547.214.70 ▼1615.94%pP
Northwest BancsharesNWBI12.7712.272.05 ▼182.24%
Northwestern Corp.NWE52.3351.403.19 ▲4-3.11%
Northwest Natural GasNWN44.2243.510.25 ▲2-4.00%
Quanex Building ProductsNX18.2420.21-0.61 ▼1-1.33%
Oriental Financial GroupOFG7.2512.08-9.01 ▼1850.85%
Omnicell Inc.OMCL34.0837.48-1.62 ▼1-6.73%
OM Group Inc.OMG33.4831.813.32 ▼12-2.82%
Old National Bancorp.ONB13.6914.580.52 ▼00.00%Sell
Oritani FinancialORIT14.9615.711.04 ▼00.00%Sell
Orion Marine Group, IncORN7.238.18-2.60 ▲3328.06%
OSI Systems, Inc.OSIS73.4769.17-1.46 ▲00.00%Buy
Outerwall Inc.OUTR62.4874.41-4.32 ▼410.74%
Oxford IndustriesOXM81.5277.642.32 ▼2339.76%
Prestige Brands HoldingsPBH46.8943.633.75 ▼3635.83%
Pep Boys - Manny, Moe & JackPBY11.7410.812.38 ▼00.00%wBuy
PDC Energy, Inc.PDCE54.9448.17-1.78 ▲2-2.59%
Pennsylvania Real Estate InvesPEI20.1722.48-2.67 ▼36.84%
Perry Ellis InternationalPERY24.0123.24-0.98 ▲10.25%
Pioneer Energy ServicesPES3.125.93-5.93 ▼1049.19%
PetMed Express Inc.PETS16.5616.01-0.75 ▼3619.65%
Provident Financial ServicesPFS18.8418.502.43 ▼292.80%
PGT, Inc.PGTI13.4412.331.16 ▼2631.77%
Piper Jaffray CompaniesPJC40.8747.74-4.39 ▼3221.21%
Park ElectrochemicalPKE17.5119.75-5.30 ▲5135.72%spBuy
Parkway PropertiesPKY16.0917.85-1.06 ▼12.07%
The Children's PlacePLCE59.6363.54-4.22 ▼5-0.29%
Popeyes Lousiana KitchenPLKI56.0258.95-0.68 ▼1-5.70%
ePlus Inc.PLUS76.7581.45-2.33 ▲131.18%
Plexus Corp.PLXS37.7942.71-7.16 ▼77.38%
PharMericaPMC33.1029.882.68 ▼2637.92%
Pinnacle Financial PartnersPNFP47.2350.280.57 ▼00.00%Sell
Pinnacle EntertainmentPNK38.0835.172.76 ▼2848.81%
Piedmont Natural Gas Co.PNY38.6636.733.21 ▲41.63%
Pool Corp.POOL69.4567.201.06 ▼4421.44%
Power IntegrationsPOWI39.2646.32-5.87 ▲2121.62%spBuy
Powell IndustriesPOWL28.5034.62-5.57 ▼3335.09%
Post Properties Inc.PPS56.6955.831.54 ▼3-2.65%
ProAssurancePRA48.2846.225.76 ▼102.70%
Portfolio Recovery AssociatesPRAA53.3560.38-0.45 ▼27.31%
Perficient Inc.PRFT16.2018.28-5.28 ▲7-0.56%
Progress SoftwarePRGS27.4628.862.31 ▼00.00%Sell
Providence Service CorpPRSC45.8743.30-0.26 ▼14-4.54%
PS Business ParksPSB74.0477.530.61 ▼00.00%Sell
Pericom SemiconductorPSEM11.9813.46-2.43 ▼77.42%
Penn VirginiaPVA1.074.43-5.07 ▼4991.61%
Privatebancorp Inc.PVTB37.1939.621.52 ▼00.00%Sell
Papa John's InternationalPZZA68.2866.051.81 ▼4459.79%
QLogic Corp.QLGC10.1112.61-8.63 ▼711.93%
QuinStreet, Inc.QNST5.396.04-2.55 ▼35.93%
Quality Systems Inc.QSII13.4915.33-7.18 ▼5-3.93%
Resources ConnectionRECN15.7016.71-0.20 ▲00.00%Sell
REX American ResourcesREX52.8261.51-4.69 ▼51.57%
Rex Energy CorporationREXX3.114.41-4.02 ▲6283.32%
Repligen CorporationRGEN34.2932.98-1.77 ▼3339.73%
Sturm, Ruger & Co.RGR61.6953.004.55 ▼2619.12%pP
Regis Corp.RGS11.7015.56-6.70 ▼1327.69%
Republic Airways HoldingsRJET2.659.27-8.43 ▼1778.56%
RLI Corp.RLI52.2951.244.47 ▼4313.03%
Gibraltar IndustriesROCK16.5119.17-0.73 ▼12.42%
Rogers CorporationROG54.9766.51-7.17 ▲1725.98%
Retail Opportunity InvestmentsROIC16.4416.301.17 ▼4-4.36%
Red Robin Gourmet BurgersRRGB81.1086.910.23 ▼1-6.92%
Roadrunner Transportation SystRRTS21.6925.54-2.77 ▼511.58%
Rofin-Sinar TechnologiesRSTI25.0226.92-3.76 ▼50.75%
Ruby Tuesday, Inc.RT6.576.431.01 ▼4-10.25%
Rudolph TechnologiesRTEC12.3811.700.13 ▲3-8.02%
RTI International MetalsRTI28.2633.96-4.22 ▼24.51%
Ruth's Hospitality GroupRUTH16.2614.983.81 ▼4334.27%
Rayonier Advanced MaterialsRYAM7.0816.31-5.91 ▼3668.14%
Ryland Group Inc.RYL43.1345.650.21 ▼00.00%Sell
Sanderson FarmsSAFM69.9776.30-2.88 ▲128.54%
Safety Insurance GroupSAFT52.5058.51-2.44 ▼57.81%
Sonic AutomotiveSAH21.7324.01-3.75 ▼3011.88%
Saia, Inc.SAIA37.6142.61-1.06 ▼1-5.80%
Sanmina-SCI Corp.SANM19.5121.65-1.38 ▼1-7.85%
Sabra Health Care REITSBRA24.7628.44-2.67 ▼1717.47%
Southside Bancshares Inc.SBSI25.5228.60-1.77 ▼55.93%
ScholasticSCHL43.3240.66-0.38 ▼4324.85%
Stepan CompanySCL44.5449.38-2.65 ▼1-5.67%
comScore, Inc.SCOR53.4652.953.02 ▼133256.16%
ScanSource, Inc.SCSC37.4538.83-2.62 ▲80.13%
Select ComfortSCSS24.4530.02-7.22 ▼615.57%
Select Medical HoldingsSEM12.9915.33-4.71 ▼410.35%
Seneca Foods Corp.SENEA29.0528.021.27 ▼243.60%
Simmons First NationalSFNC43.3645.67-0.03 ▼00.00%Sell
Scientific GamesSGMS11.6214.90-3.51 ▼39.99%
Stone Energy Corp.SGY5.1012.51-6.12 ▼5887.21%
A. Schulman, Inc.SHLM34.0640.76-6.43 ▼712.87%
Steven Madden, Ltd.SHOO40.5538.360.11 ▼3120.97%
Selective Insurance GroupSIGI29.8728.505.62 ▼95.07%
Sigma Designs, Inc.SIGM9.988.890.94 ▼40114.16%
South Jersey IndustriesSJI24.4726.19-2.86 ▲2813.51%
SkyWest Inc.SKYW15.8414.632.85 ▲4337.97%
U.S. Silica HoldingsSLCA19.9230.90-4.62 ▲1436.09%
Super Micro ComputerSMCI26.8331.11-4.63 ▲1811.83%
Standard Motor ProductsSMP35.7037.43-1.56 ▲171.22%
Stein Mart Inc.SMRT10.5711.17-2.43 ▲130.75%
Semtech Corp.SMTC17.0221.25-7.38 ▲1934.24%
Synchronoss TechnologiesSNCR40.4547.70-1.47 ▼10.54%
SYNNEX Corp.SNX78.6574.30-0.92 ▲20.49%
Sonic Corp.SONC27.8330.34-2.43 ▼8-1.20%
Spartan Motors Inc.SPAR4.354.82-0.85 ▲00.00%Sell
Standard PacificSPF8.478.341.11 ▼299.86%
Spectrum PharmaceuticalsSPPI7.606.532.37 ▼1210.47%
Spartan Stores Inc.SPTN28.8731.76-0.04 ▼00.00%Sell
SurModics Inc.SRDX23.1624.81-1.30 ▼121.82%
Simpson Manufacturing Co.SSD34.5934.131.70 ▼6-2.29%
Stage Stores Inc.SSI11.1418.18-5.43 ▼1742.73%
E. W. Scripps Co.SSP17.5322.09-5.07 ▼719.29%
S&T Bancorp Inc.STBA29.4828.723.08 ▼113.80%
Stewart Information ServicesSTC38.7838.171.89 ▼120.31%
Sterling BancorpSTL13.8414.591.79 ▼00.00%Sell Inc.STMP83.1766.277.04 ▲43125.39%
Strayer EducationSTRA52.8750.462.02 ▲4-4.96%
Superior Industries IntlSUP19.0918.01-0.20 ▲3-2.85%
Supernus PhamaceuticalsSUPN17.8014.215.40 ▼3294.54%
Stillwater Mining Co.SWC9.3911.53-7.41 ▲1128.76%
Schweitzer-Mauduit IntlSWM34.9340.60-5.32 ▼1617.44%
Southwest GasSWX55.4753.860.86 ▲4-1.32%
SunCoke Energy Inc.SXC11.0213.87-6.21 ▲4048.67%
Standex InternationalSXI79.2479.62-3.57 ▲5-5.79%
Sykes Enterprises,SYKE25.0923.790.58 ▼4316.32%pP
Synergy Resources Corp.SYRG10.7311.25-2.71 ▲81.11%
Sizmek Inc.SZMK6.787.47-1.40 ▼2-8.83%
TASER InternationalTASR23.7129.21-5.04 ▼412.28%
TrueBlue, Inc.TBI23.7127.18-5.03 ▼58.07%
Texas Capital BancSharesTCBI53.0657.67-0.66 ▼1-7.98%
Tidewater Inc.TDW17.0023.54-4.77 ▼5966.18%
Tesco CorporationTESO8.2111.51-5.84 ▼4755.77%
Tredegar Corp.TG14.3820.01-6.78 ▼415.41%
Gentherm Inc.THRM46.4450.49-2.96 ▼1-12.15%
Interface Inc.TILE23.9422.154.93 ▼2726.26%
Talmer BancorpTLMR16.0615.630.66 ▼2511.07%
Tompkins FinancialTMP51.7154.18-0.15 ▼1-3.42%
TimkenSteel CorpTMST17.9826.60-8.05 ▼3647.27%
Tennant CompanyTNC57.4663.82-4.18 ▼3315.23%
Tangoe, Inc.TNGO7.5511.77-7.96 ▼1341.02%
DealerTrack HoldingsTRAK62.8554.989.65 ▼1647.12%pP
LendingTree Inc.TREE107.2074.6710.00 ▲53235.00%
TrustCo BankTRST5.896.60-5.95 ▼54.69%
Tessera TechnologiesTSRA32.9737.85-3.79 ▼79.07%
Toro Co.TTC70.7667.171.10 ▲21.17%
TeleTech HoldingsTTEC27.4525.632.92 ▼238.67%
Tetra Tech Inc.TTEK25.9825.201.06 ▼4-1.59%
TETRA TechnologiesTTI7.395.89-0.12 ▲2-0.81%
TTM TechnologiesTTMI6.879.17-7.30 ▼313.04%
Take-Two Interactive SoftwareTTWO29.7827.254.78 ▼149.89%
Tuesday MorningTUES8.0714.07-7.19 ▲3054.71%
Titan InternationalTWI8.9810.17-3.66 ▼76.46%
Texas Roadhouse Inc.TXRH36.4535.432.09 ▼5337.03%
Monotype Imaging HoldingsTYPE21.1627.12-5.36 ▼1717.89%
Urstadt Biddle PropertiesUBA18.0720.47-4.96 ▼2016.88%
United BanksharesUBSI37.1840.230.59 ▼1-0.30%
United Community BanksUCBI19.3720.701.61 ▼00.00%Sell
Universal ElectronicsUEIC45.5552.62-3.77 ▼2720.80%
United Fire & CasualtyUFCS33.2332.725.40 ▼2910.31%
Unifi IncUFI28.8132.79-3.47 ▼54.48%
Universal Forest ProductsUFPI60.0755.456.84 ▼6-0.58%
Universal Health Realty IncomeUHT47.2949.76-0.32 ▼163.11%
United Insurance HoldingsUIHC12.9617.75-3.37 ▼1936.13%
UIL HoldingsUIL46.0148.55-1.48 ▲8-1.55%
UMB FinancialUMBF49.6655.27-1.42 ▼1-1.87%
UniFirst Corp.UNF108.14116.65-1.63 ▼50.66%
Unit Corp.UNT15.1026.47-7.89 ▼5075.72%
Ultratech, Inc.UTEK16.9218.51-4.45 ▲108.79%
Universal Technical InstituteUTI4.497.78-7.75 ▼1752.44%
UTi Worldwide Inc.UTIW6.899.27-5.10 ▼2127.93%
Universal Insurance HoldingsUVE24.0823.772.86 ▼5478.24%
Universal Corp.UVV49.1052.58-1.36 ▼32.77%
Marriott Vacations WorldwideVAC72.7683.09-4.86 ▼27.88%
Vascular Solutions Inc.VASC35.0732.764.48 ▼3827.99%pP
VASCO Data Security IntlVDSI17.5925.36-5.18 ▼413.73%
Veeco InstrumentsVECO23.2228.01-6.57 ▼3331.95%
Viavi SolutionsVIAV5.556.94-7.39 ▼1725.91%
Vicor Corp.VICR9.4912.70-5.54 ▲919.44%
Meridian BioscienceVIVO19.1117.99-0.24 ▲6-2.60%
VOXX InternationalVOXX7.868.58-2.14 ▼162.36%
Virtus Investment PartnersVRTS113.45133.53-2.43 ▼5138.49%
Virtusa Corp.VRTU52.3445.523.57 ▼2324.15%
Veritiv CorpVRTV36.4941.38-3.38 ▲2220.28%
ViaSat Inc.VSAT59.5662.05-1.08 ▲8-0.95%
Vitamin Shoppe, Inc.VSI35.5739.25-3.23 ▼3318.70%
Viad CorpVVI27.9226.471.14 ▼4-2.62%
Westamerica Bancorp.WABC44.6548.420.20 ▼1-2.20%
WageWorks, Inc.WAGE44.0649.570.63 ▲00.00%Sell
Walker & Dunlop Inc.WD24.3921.751.87 ▼4561.20%
WD-40 CompanyWDFC84.4788.211.54 ▼00.00%Sell
Winnebago IndustriesWGO20.4222.36-0.98 ▼22.85%
Wilshire BancorpWIBC10.4611.52-1.41 ▼10.57%
Encore Wire Corp.WIRE31.6740.31-7.27 ▼511.39%
Wausau Paper Corp.WPP7.769.45-4.37 ▼1117.01%
World AcceptanceWRLD36.5559.47-7.74 ▼1252.84%
Wintrust FinancialWTFC50.4852.522.22 ▼00.00%Sell
Watts Water TechnologiesWTS54.6152.491.11 ▲4-1.62%
Wolverine World WideWWW26.8329.85-2.76 ▼138.80%
XO Group Inc.XOXO14.8416.18-2.40 ▼51.92%
IxiaXXIA15.1712.698.08 ▲2632.95%
Olympic Steel Inc.ZEUS12.8015.51-4.40 ▼713.16%
Zumiez, Inc.ZUMZ23.8930.48-5.35 ▼2032.87%

Quick start info.   [Top] [Dow] [Nasdaq100] [ETF] [S&P500] [S&P400] [S&P600] [FAQ]

Weekly reversal levels can be used for market orientation and long term investing. The color codes indicate the current Trend:
* Green: bullish trend with upward momentum (MoM). Stock is above its reversal level and climbing higher.
* Pale Green: weak bullish trend with downward momentum (MoM). Stock remains above its reversal level, but is starting to pull back. Consolidation or start of a correction.
* Red: bearish trend with downward momentum (MoM). Stock is below its reversal level and moving lower.
* Pink: weak bearish trend with upward momentum (MoM). Stock remains below its reversal level, but is trying to bounce back. Sideways range or start of a rebound.

The tables give the weekly Trend, the weekly reversal level (RevL) and the weekly MoM. You can see how many weeks have passed since the last standard Buy or Sell signal and the percent change (P/L %) since that signal (blue = profit and orange = loss).

The action column shows quick info for trading:
* Buy and Sell => Regular buy or sell signal based on the reversal level.
* Weak Buy (wBuy) => A buy signal with MoM pointing down. This is a weaker signal that is more likely to fail.
* Speculative Buy (spBuy) => Stock in bearish Trend with MoM turning up. This is a first sign of life after a decline. Can be a great entry point for stocks you want to buy on weakness.
* Partial profits (pP) => Good chance to take some money off the table. You can always scale back in when the up trend resumes (see: "Add").
* Add => Here we can add to positions.
* Add short (AddSh) => Chance to add or initiate short positions.

The MoM indicator shows the current "mood" tendency of the stock based on a proprietary formula. It is used to detect speculative buy opportunities in stocks that have become very oversold.
The buy and sell signals generated by the reversal levels are a "trend following" method. The signals generated by MoM indicator are a "mean reversal" method. By combining both we have a hybrid system.

Investing approach for weekly reversal levels:

* Conservative investors can go with the normal buy and sell signals only and negate the info about speculative buys and short selling. This is mainly a trend following method, so we will not buy at the bottom and there will be some “give-back” at the end of a trend. The aim is to participate in the bulk of a move with a minimum of risk. On an "Add" signal we can increase the position by buying more. This way we can build bigger positions in stocks that are going up.

* Short selling can be done on regular sell signals or on "add to shorts" (AddSh). Short positions are best covered as soon as MoM turns up or on the first regular buy signal (Buy or wBuy). Short selling is not for everybody. Make sure you know what you are doing.

* Speculative buying opportunities appear when MoM starts going up for a stock that has been in bearish(red) Trend for some time. This helps us to pick up stocks near a major low. But some care needs to be taken. It is best to use a properly positioned stop-loss, e.g. just below the recent low, because not all those speculative buys will work. If MoM stays up the stock will climb above its reversal level, which triggers a normal buy signal. The trade is then handled like a normal buy signal. Note: struggling companies may never recover, so this method is best used on ETFs or on stocks of companies that are in good shape.

The MoM indicator

The MoM indicator shows market momentum on a numeric scale between +10 and -10. It can be seen as a kind of market thermometer.
Various levels in the MoM indicator correspond to market mood as follows:
* +8 to +10: very optimistic – euphoric
* +5 to +8: optimistic
* +3 to +5 : positive
* -3 to +3: neutral
* -3 to -5: negative
* -8 to -5: pessimistic
* -10 to -8: very pessimistic – depressed

Besides the level itself, we also pay attention to the direction. Here is what to look for: * In a healthy bullish move, the MoM indicator is normally rising together with the stock or index.
* If MoM starts inching down after a significant rally (green trend) it is an indication of a possible peak or the start of a consolidation phase. This changes the market trend to light green.
* If MoM starts inching up after a sustained slide (red trend) it is an indication of a possible bottom or the start of a sideways phase. This changes the market trend to pink.
* For a rising stock or index MoM is typically hovering between +3 and +10, and the trend can change between green and light green several times before a Sell signal occurs.
* For a declining stock or index MoM usually fluctuates between -3 and -10, and the trend can switch between red and pink several times before a Buy signal is generated.
* Ordinary pullbacks generally end with MoM bottoming out in the neutral zone ( -3 to +3) before turning back up.
* Bear market rallies often end with MoM peaking out in the neutral zone ( -3 to +3) before turning back down.

Frequently Asked Questions   [Top] [Dow] [Nasdaq100] [ETF] [S&P500] [S&P400] [S&P600] [Info]

Q: I prefer swing trading and your weekly signals seem to be rather slow. Do you have something faster too?
A: Sure. We also publish daily reversal levels, which are tailored for swing trading. Check it out on the website.

Q: Where can I find more information about the reversal levels and MoM indicator?
A: You can find more materials here: More will be added in the near future as well as example trades.

Q: I am a fundamental investor, can I do anything with these reversal levels?
A: Better timing never hurts, even for a long term buy and hold investor. For example if fundamental analysis tells us that company XYZ offers great value, then we can still wait until the reversal levels give a buy signal or speculative buy signal to get in. Just try and see whether it improves your results.

Q: Your predictions for last week didn't work very well. But your table always shows a lot of blue (profits). Why should I believe this?
A: The reversal levels are not a prediction, they are an approach to trading. It will naturally take more than one week to see if a method is good or not. You can easily verify the "P/L %" numbers in the tables. Just take the Open price on the Monday after the buy (sell) signal was given and calculate the change to date. It should match the values in the table. If that is not the case, feel welcome to contact us with your enquiry.

Q: A stock I own is already trading below its reversal level, so it will probably turn to bearish trend this week. Do I need to wait for the next Monday's Open to sell this stock?
A: If going into the close on Friday we see that one of our stocks is almost certain to close below the weekly reversal level then we can already sell it with a MOC (market on close) order. Sometimes this will give a slightly better exit than waiting for next Monday's open.

Q: My favorite stock jumped 20% last week and is now given a buy signal. Is it not too late to buy?
A: It depends. Whenever a buy signal appears it is good to check how far the stock is above its reversal level already. That gives us an estimate of how much risk we take in this trade, because the stock will be sold if it closes back below the reversal level. If a stock jumps 20% on good news it may still be a good buy, but it is not giving us a very good entry point at that moment. In that case I avoid the trade or wait until the price comes back down to the reversal level to pick it up. So, that's where we can always use some discretion.

Q: Do I need to take all sell signals for stocks I own? What if I am sure my stock will recover soon?
A: If you intend to use the reversal levels properly, then the answer is: yes, always sell when a stock has closed below its reversal level. On average it is better to take the profit (or loss) and move on to the next chance. True, sometimes a stock will come right back after giving a sell signal, but many more times that doesn't happen and the stock just keeps sinking for some reason. Several weeks later and some 20% lower we then discover the real reason for that drop. This is a discipline thing. And if the stock happens to come right back then it will climb back above its reversal level and give us another buy signal. We can then just buy it right back. What we try to do is get in on some big trending moves. We will take small losses on the trades that do not work, and that's the price we pay to get in on the big profitable moves.

Q: Shouldn't we buy more when a stock we own is down? Why not reduce our average cost basis?
A: With this method we do not add to losing positions. Only with the speculative buy signals we can decide in advance to buy in 2 or 3 tranches, because we can have several speculative buy signals before a stock finally gets into bullish Trend. A good strategy is to buy a half position on a speculative buy signal and then buy another half postion on the next regular Buy signal. That gives us a full position and from then on we trade it normally. The "Add" signals you see in the tables are always at subsequently higher prices, which is a "doubling up" strategy (anti-Martingale). So, with reversal levels we do not double down on losers, we just sell them and wait for the next buy signal. This has the advantage that we don't end up with overly big positions in poorly performing stocks that may keep going nowhere for weeks or months.

Q: How many winners can I expect with this method?
A: Using the regular Buy and Sell signals you can expect about 37% winners, and up to 40% if you avoid distressed companies. That may not sound like much. But with this method the average win is much bigger than the average loss, because losses are cut quickly and winners are allowed to run. Inexperienced investors are often drawn to methods that produce a lot of winners, but what's the point of having 80% winners if the average loss is 5 times bigger than the average win? The tables show what this method does for thousands of stocks. There are always plenty of stocks that show 20%, 50% and even 100% profits (see "P/L %") on their currently active trade, while losers (shown in orange) are usually small. Cutting losses quickly is a feature of nearly all good investing approaches.

Q: If a stock crashes 50% and falls below the reversal level then it will give a Sell signal at the end of this week. But, that doesn't help me today and I do not want to suffer the risk of such big losses. What can I do?
A: A large adverse move overnight can never be ruled out. A well diversified portfolio of quality stocks will offer some protection. If it helps sleep, use a disaster stop-loss, which I would put 10 or 20% below the reversal level. That will sometimes get you out of a crashing stock before the losses get even bigger. There is no such thing as investing without the risk for losses. But we can control the risks.

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