Tuesday, October 13, 2015

RL for Oct 13

The daily reversal levels for major indexes and some popular stocks:
* All major stock indexes remain in bullish mode with upward MoM.
* There are 6 newcomers in the popular stocks list. We try to have a high variety of sectors and always include some mid and small caps.
* New are: HLF for a controversial stock in the nutrition sector, IBKR adds the brokerage sector, OA gives us a play on space and defense, RIG for oil exploration, ROK brings in automation and robotics, and with SNH we get a REIT and the aging population theme.
* Partial profits signal for SNH.

The current reversal levels for more than 1500 stocks and etf are available here. You can also take a monthly subscription.

The latest weekly reversal levels are available here (pay what you want).
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