Thursday, November 17, 2016

Best and worst trades - Nov 2016

The main aim of reversal levels based trading is to get and stay in the big trending moves while avoiding big losses.
In September biotech names were the top performers in our list. The motions around the election have ended a lot of moves and now we have Chemours CC as our best performing trade with a 149% gain in 88 days. Second comes the Russian Small-cap ETF RSXJ (+93%), followed by short Concordia CXRX (+89%). Those moves are not finished, stocks are held until their next Sell signal (or Buy signal for a short position).
Our worst open trades are short HLIT (-15%), followed by short MATX (-12%) and short AG (-12%).

You can download today's reversal level file for all stocks we cover: (Html file. Will open in any good desktop or mobile browser.)
This is how we show you the good, the bad and the ugly of our approach.

Here is the current top 20:

Our 20 worst trades at the moment:

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