Thursday, January 19, 2017

Best and worst trades - Jan 2017

The main purpose of reversal levels is to get and stay in the big trending moves while avoiding big losses. Once a month we put out our daily reversal levels table for free, showing the good, the bad and the ugly of this approach. Lots of services talk about their biggest wins but keep quiet about the losses. We show everything because good trading starts with realistic expectations, not with dreams of luxury cars and exotic beaches.

Last December Chemours CC was topping our list with a 187% gain. That move has now ended with a nice profit and the Russian Small-cap ETF RSXJ has climbed into first place with a 129% gain in 232 days. Second is UTI with 102% in 48 days and third comes TPL with 97% in 115 days. Those moves are not finished, stocks are held until their next Sell signal (or Buy signal for a short position).

Our current worst open trades are long NLNK (-14%), followed by long DNR (-9%) and short AMAG (-7.6%).

You can download today's reversal level file for all stocks we cover. This is the file that goes out to our subscribers every day: (Html file. Download before opening in any good desktop or mobile browser.)

The current top 20:

The current bottom 20:

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