Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Best and worst trades - July 2017

Markets have kept climbing, which makes for nice trending moves and that's what our method of trading benefits from.

In June Petrobras Argentina PZE had climbed to the top of our list. That move has ended and Puma Biotechnology PBYI has taken over the first spot. The Buy signal was given on May 18 when PBYI could be picked up at $36.55. It now trades at $86.1 for a beautiful 135.6% gain in 41 days.
NovoCure NVCR is a close second with an 134% gain in 77 days and Weight Watchers WTW comes third with a 129% gain in 69 days. Those moves are not finished, stocks are held until their next Sell signal (or Buy signal for a short position).

The current worst trades are short UNFI (-22%), followed by short SLCA (-10%) and short KR (-8%). Always keeping losses small.

You can see all our current signals by downloading today's reversal level file (free): https://www.dropbox.com/s/iti4kvgvkqf12ht/RL_20170718.html?dl=1
(Html file. Download before opening in any good desktop or mobile browser.)

This is our current top 20:

And our bottom 20:

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