Friday, April 26, 2024

Charts for April 26, 2024

SPX stays sideways below the 5100 level.

Market charts:

* 206 SPX stocks in bullish mode. Another small uptick. Back at 40%.
* BullsPower at 21, BearsPower at 23. Tug of war situation.
* 438 stocks with upward MoM (dashed green line). Likely peak value for a while.
* The daily Watershed (dW) is at 5189.
* The market stays right in the middle of the purgatory between the dW (5189) and wW (4899).

* BMO goes up. Can it get back above the zero line?
* ELC and BUD stay bearish.
* Repellor is at 5095 and keeps acting as overhead resistance.

* SPX Rotator goes up.
* The leading green component is about to cross above the red component, which would be another positive sign.

* SwX is red - bearish.
* Daily MoM is going up from its recent extreme -8 low.

* Icebergs algo keeps showing a "dead in the water" situation. Not enough bullish energy to lift up some green mountain.
* The market is bouncing back a bit since the bottom fishing chances we had a few days ago.

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