Monday, January 29, 2018

WRL for Jan 27 - announcement

Based on subscriber feedback we can no longer publish the weekly reversal levels for free every weekend. People who pay for this information expect to have more exclusive access.

We will still post them for free once a month, and the weekly reversal levels for most major stock indexes can be found in the weekly outlook post on this site every Sunday.
The weekly reversal levels for 3000 stocks are sent to our subscribers every Saturday, so if you want to use them in your own trading you are welcome to sign up for less than $1 a day. This is a real bargain if you are a serious investor, because our method will rarely miss a major move in any stock and typically rides out the trend as long as it lasts.

This is the list showing our best long term trades at the moment. The crypto currencies are in exceptional moves, but also in common stocks we are riding many +300% winners:

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